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Makeup For Evening Occasions

Makeup for Evening OccasionsMakeup is the first concern; you can’t attend all the big parties like Christmas, wedding party or New Year party in a dull & dumb style. Time has changed and you can’t live only with simplicity.

Now you have to run with latest styles and fashions to make yourself update. You may be the focal point and become the lady of the evening, when wearing the makeup & dress according to the theme.

Dreamy Makeup:

In this modern era you may take help with net or fashion magazines. After all, the models who float on the catwalks may give you a lot of new ideas. These models wear heavy makeup and seem to be fairies of dreamland.

They use heavy blush-on, kohl & eye shadows. The best way to adopt the same style should be with the support of shimmer. But the ladies who are above forty should avoid shimmer, because it can enlighten their wrinkles. This fancy makeup may produce worries for them. Remember one thing that if you have not blemishes on your face, this makeup will produce a magical effect and you may catch all the eyes of the invitees of the party.

Lip-gloss & eye shadow with shiny, plays a vital role in this kind of makeup. Select those lipsticks which are matching with your color tone and the beauty of your lips. For giving a fancy touch take golden or silver patch to the middle of the lip.

Eyes are the main factor of the makeup; you may do a lot of experiments on them.  You may opt for shimmering metallic silver eye shadow. But if you like to be an insidious, choose neutral shades such as lilac, brown or peach. Select the perfect corner of the eye and highlight it with silver or golden pencil.

You know about black mascara, it is called man killer, when added to the eyelashes it looks colossal. If you want to be the main figure of the evening party, use eyelashes with fake eye glue. Metallic mascara can make the eyelashes look riveting.

Egyptian Makeup:

Smokey eyes with Egyptian makeup are IN nowadays. They are trend of the time and youth are going with it. Overdone eyes is the main factor of this fantastic style of makeup. As we have told you that eyes are over done, then it will not suit with heavy lips. It will give a negative impression. So what is the solution? Keep your lips nude, it will be a perfect combination.

When you are adopting Egyptian makeup, take darker eyeshadows, like charcoal or deep green. This type of makeup contributes bohemian style to the wearer.

Gothic Look:

If you are leaving the cheeks without any blush-on it will give a look of Gothic style. By adding dark eyeliner it will give you a perfect glance. Take black liquid eyeliner and apply it on the upper lash, don’t forget to make it thick on the outer boundary.

It is necessary to apply at least three coats of mascara, but apply a single coat of foundation on your face first.

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