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A Breast Enlargement Pump – Does It Work?

choose the right breast enlargement pumpAside from breast augmentation surgery and breast enhancement supplements, the FDA has currently approved a unique type of breast enhancement product: a breast enlargement pump.

Here are some information on how to use and how these pumps work.

A breast pump operate through a process called tissue expansion. The idea is that if you apply gentle vacuum pressure on skin, it will slowly stretch because the skin is made of soft tissue. Thus, pumps are used to apply such pressure so that the breast will grow larger due to the swelling of the breast tissue. Pumps also expand the mammary gland tissue to increase the production of new breast tissue cells, which help, in the long term, bring about fuller, firmer breasts.

For breast pumps to actually bring natural and long-term breast enlargement, however, they have to be used continuously for an extended period of time. This is why one of the FDA-approved breast enlargement pumps on the market right now is designed to be worn for around 12 hours in a day. The breast pump is then controlled by a computer box that comes with it. This adjusts the vacuum pressure at set times to ensure consistency.

Due to the length of time required before the pump would actually work, some manufacturers also came up with a different kind of breast pump. This temporary type of breast pump is more affordable. They come with a manual hand pump instead of a computer box, and is designed to exert a greater amount of vacuum force on the breast for a shorter period of time. By doing so, the pump encourages the blood to circulate faster, causing the breasts and nipples to enlarge in size. This type of pump, though fast and effective, does not cause permanent enlargement of breasts, and may cause breast sensitivity for as long as the breasts are enlarged, which is usually for two hours.

Is a Breast Enlargement Pump a Viable Option?

Brava breast enlargement pumpThere are lots of warnings about temporary breast enhancement pumps. According to some studies, this type of pump can cause some breast health issues and may even lead to the breakage of blood vessels.

The same studies recommend permanent breast pumps, which keep the pressure applied at a minimal level to prevent blood vessel damage. However, there are some downsides to these permanent pumps. Here are some of them:

  • They are expensive. The only FDA-approved brand is Brava, which is currently selling at around $2500. It is significantly more expensive than breast enhancement pills and is just a bit less expensive than surgery.
  • They work slowly. The Brava system needs to be used continuously for up to 6 months to maximize results. If the guideline for use is not followed, there is no guarantee that it will work.
  • The pump should be worn for 12 hours each day. This is just like wearing a padded bra for 12 hours each day, but some women find it a bit uncomfortable. You also have to use a special type of bra designed to accommodate the pump.
  • The enlargement is not that obvious. The changes in the size of women’s breasts brought about by breast enlargement pumps are very modest. Most women don’t even increase by an entire cup even after using the pumps exactly as directed.
  • The computer box controlling the pump may malfunction. There is always the risk of the computer box not working properly, thus failing to regulate the pressure. This may then cause uneven pressure to be placed on each of your breasts.

All these downsides show that the breast enhancement pumps are not very effective and may not be ideal for those who want significant growth at a fast pace. But if you don’t feel comfortable going under the knife or taking pills that you don’t trust, then this option is worth a try. However, you have to balance your expectations since they are the least effective of all available methods

Nevertheless, these pumps are considered better than breast augmentation surgery because it is non-invasive and does not entail high risks. There is still a huge difference between spending $2500 and not getting incisions made on your skin and spending $3500 to $10,000 and going under the knife. As far as the experts are concerned, it is still better than getting breast augmentation surgery. But due to its limitations, especially in terms of how long it takes to work, it may not be suitable for most women.

While it is considered as the safer alternative than surgery, most women are advised to try breast enhancement pills or even creams and gels first as these have higher success rates than a breast enlargement pump. If, for some reason, a woman prefers not to use the supplements available, then a pump is worth looking into.

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