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Saline Solution vs. Silicone Gel

In most communities, the breast is the sign of fertility among women. The more prominent they are, the more it can attract more men to them because it can mean that they are capable of producing offspring for the future generation. That is why, men with bigger and more prominent breasts are considered to be the more attractive ones in certain societies.

With this in mind, there have been a lot ways that women are doing in order to increase their breasts since they also want to be of the attractive ones. One can choose from simple exercises to more invasive ones such as surgeries. That is why there have been a lot of products such as food supplements and pills that are roaming all over the media that claims that they are 100% (or even more) effective when it comes to increasing the breast size.

But the main issue here is to actually choose which among the products that are not only effective, but safe as well since a lot of products are known to cause more harm than good. That is why before a woman wants to try a breast enhancement product; she must first consult a physician, especially a certified plastic surgeon so that the method of her choice will not be only effective but also safe.

What are the common breast enlargement methods or products?

Probably the most common breast enhancement product would be through plastic surgery. Through this method, one can choose among the many types of implants or techniques that she wishes to use for her breast enhancement procedure.

Below are the two most common items that are being transplanted into the woman’s breast during breast enhancement surgery:

  1. Saline implants – saline implants are composed of a solution of water and sodium chloride or commonly known as salt. This is used because it has been known that salt is not harmful to the body thus after the surgery, there would be no adverse effects that may be experienced by the patient. However, the only downside of using these saline implants is that it may not be able to possess the normal fluidity of a natural breast. Therefore it is less commonly chosen to be implanted during breast enhancement surgeries.
  2. Silicone gel implants – silicone gel implants are more common to use for women who wants to have their breast enlarged. Like the saline implants, the silicone gel is also not harmful for the body and therefore will not pose a great consequence after it has been implanted in the body. The reason why silicone gel is more preferred to use because of its consistency that is almost similar to the consistency of the normal breast. That is why more women prefer to have this implanted instead of the saline solution implants.

In conclusion, when one wants to increase their breast size, surgery is the most popular option because of its immediate effects. But aside from that, a person can choose which among the two implants that she could use in order to achieve almost natural-looking yet fuller breast.

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