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Can My Breast Implants Break?

Once breast implants are inserted into your body, they can take up to six weeks to completely heal. During those weeks, you can not lift your arms over your head, carry your purse, or lift any types of heavy objects. During this time, those muscles are going to be torn and cause you a tremendous amount of pain. It is going to feel as if you had been bench pressing an automobile. The pain however will eventually subside, but this is when the risk of future problems only increases in time.

There are several safe alternatives to having this type of surgery, one in particular that is not only less invasive, it can boost the size of your breasts with no side effects. Naturaful is a breast enhancement cream that has been gaining in popularity because it will slowly increase the size of your breasts without risking your long-term health. If you decide to take a risk and get that dangerous breast surgery, consider some of the following factors that could affect you.

The Popping Implants

If one of the implants breaks, it is not going to be a pretty sight. While the implants are designed to withstand hundreds of pounds of pressure, occasionally they can be defective, causing it to pop. An alarming studies reveals that approximately 10% of all implants rupture, so even though it doesn’t happen all the time, they do break quite often. Depending on the rupture, the implant can literally pop or it can leak over a longer period of time.

The two different types of breast implants are silicone and saline. If there was a leak in one of the saline implants, you would look drastically different but your health is not in jeopardy. On the other hand, if a silicone implant broke inside you, severe illnesses and death could occur. Some of the symptoms of silicon syndrome range from:

  • A rash all over your chest
  • Severe nausea
  • Lumps
  • Numbness throughout your body
  • Sharp pains in the breast
  • Dizziness and vomiting

Doctors today are still offering women the silicone implants because they have a more natural feel to them. If you decide to get the surgery and one implant pops, you are in serious trouble if you can afford another surgery to have them removed. Your overall health and the appearance of the breasts could be in severe jeopardy the longer you wait to have the follow up surgery.

The Never Damage

If you decide to have the breast implants surgically inserted through the nipples, the nerves in that region of the breast will be sliced and torn. This can create a series of serious health issues, depending on the person and which of those sensitive nerves were damaged during surgery. In many cases, that sensitive feeling will never again return, replaced by a numbing sensation. While some women have experienced heightened sensitivity, this can also be painful to the slightest touch. That never damage can result in sharp pains for years in the breast, uncontrolled twitching in the breast, and the inability to ever breast feed.

The Physical Damage

Breast implant surgery is similar to gaining several pounds overnight. The skin can not adjust to that increase in mass, so stretch marks begin to appear very rapidly. These awful looking red gashes take on the appearance of scars, and really are obvious when you are wearing a bathing suit or getting a tan. Patients must sign waivers with their doctor to promise you will not sue in the event you get stretch marks or other serious side effects.

The Increased Back Pain

The bottom line is that those breast implants are heavy. Adding all that weight to the front of the body throws off the curve of balance. Now you are adding more weight to the back to compensate, leading to life-long painful back issues. These back aches will last years, resulting in many women simply having follow-up surgery to remove the implants and reduce the pain in their backs.

Luscious Boobs Without the Pain

There are safer alternatives to dangerous implant surgery if you want a set of luscious boobs that everyone will not be able to take their eyes off of. Naturaful is a breast enhancement cream that you apply to the chest area morning and night. The fat cells will begin to grow and you could enjoy an increase in breast size by two cups. No worry about stretch marks, no follow-up surgeries, and no pain. Within six months this slow and natural process will transform your boobs without the risk.

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