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Get Healthy Vegan Glow With These Beauty Hacks

healthy vegan glow
Want to have a healthy and glowing skin? You dream of this often times, right? Having a beautiful skin can be turned into reality. There is no need to get intimidated about following a strict diet, keeping few of our tips in consideration will help you attain a healthy vegan glow. You just need to push yourself a little by avoiding indulgence in habits which may prove harmful for your skin.

Following these beauty hacks which are totally earthy and natural can help you to have a flawless and  younger looking skin:

Do not use soap to wash your face

Wash your face with just water, do not use soaps which contains chemical and animal fats, it makes your skin dry and rough. Instead, use natural home-made soaps, which are fat free and healthy. There is no need to wash your face ten times a day, just twice a day is enough. Rinsing your face again and again removes oil due to which your face starts producing more oil.

Practice yoga

In order to get a vegan glow, go entirely vegan. Practising yoga and breathing exercises improves your blood circulation and glows naturally. You look healthy and fit. Moreover, many leading yoga practitioners support vegan diet rich in fibers and vitamins. It improves digestion thereby improving health and resulting in beautiful skin.

Eat Iron rich food

Food rich in iron such as spinach, fig , dried apricots, green vegetables, pumpkin seeds and dates should be taken more often but in the right amount. Avoid coffee after meals, it inhibits iron absorption in the body. Vitamin C rich food such as lemon, oranges and other citrus fruits should be taken for iron absorption.

Add MUFA (mono-unsaturated fats) to your diet

Add mono-unsaturated fats into your diet such as avocados, canola oil, nuts such as almonds, cashews, pecans and macadamias, nut butters, olive oil, olives and peanut oil. For a glowing skin, limit the amount aka calories.

Exfoliation using natural products

Exfoliate your skin with natural ingredients such as brown sugar and honey. While rubbing your face with honey and sugar, you should keep it gentle, do not rub hard. Honey makes the skin soft and supple and it moisturizes the skin naturally.

Eat less sugar and salt

On an average, you should not take more than 45g of sugar per day. Eating extra salt is not a good idea, it makes your face look bloated.

Drink a lot of water

I know this has been repeated a million times, but can’t hold myself back due to its amazing benefits. Drinking 8 to 10 glass of water is requisite to have a healthy and glowing skin <>. Water does wonders to our skin. Drinking a lot of water will flush out toxins from the body quickly and you can have a healthy glow. Drink decaffeinated tea or herbal tea to hydrate yourself, if you are tired of water.

Always remember that you glow from outside when you are healthy from inside. There is no alternative to healthy diet and exercise. You need not take time out from your busy schedule, just a few changes in your lifestyle will do the trick.

Author Bio:

Terrie Dawson is passionate in writing about different skin conditions and skin care. She loves to share her self-tested skincare tips and reviews on various skincare products with her readers through many skin care blogs.

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