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At Home Spa Recipes

At Home Spa Recipes
Nothing can be more satisfying that the ability to create spa beauty products right at home. Rather than purchasing expensive spa products from retailers, there are forums all over the internet sharing information on how people can create the exact same type of products right at home using natural ingredients like hazelnut, aloe vera, honey, and many more.

Chances are you are reading this information right now because you would like to create spa products of your own right at home. Why are more and more people each year taking it upon themselves to create these spa products at home rather than simply buy them from the manufacturer?

The simple answer is this, the manufacturers do not have the safety of the public as priority one when creating these products.

There are a number of reports circulating the internet that show the ingredients being added during the manufacturing of beauty products are not safe for the body. Many of the preservatives being utilized in manufacturing process have caused long-term and severe problems to the skin of people using these products.

Rather than exposing yourself or family to those problems, more people are creating their very own spa products with all natural home recipes. No longer will you have to subject your body to toxic ingredients that are being hidden in those spa products without properly informing the buying public.

Here are some spa products recipes you can start working on today:

The Honey Body Scrub

One of the reasons most people love going to the spa is for the skin scrub. The Honey Body Scrub will both hydrate and exfoliate the skin utilizing all natural ingredients that will,never harm the body. This recipe is easy to make.

Begin with a cup of fine or coarse salt, half cup extra-virgin olive oil, half cup fresh honey, and a fragrant base oil. The fragrance of the oil is completely dependent on your own personal preference. If you would rather a scent-free scrub, leave out the oil.

Combine these ingredients in a beaker or glass bowl, mixing until all the ingredients are thoroughly blended. The salt might be resistant to the mixing process, so continue mixing until oil and honey have mixed with the salt completely. Then you can apply generous amounts of the Honey Body Scrub to your chest, legs, arms, and face. Massage the mixture into the skin, then rinse with water.

Citrus Natural Moisturizer

Most people apply a generous amount of moisturizer to the skin after they shower each day. Besides it being costly, you are putting toxic ingredients into the skin without even realizing it. The Citrus Natural Moisturizer is all natural, meaning you can apply it multiple times a day with no side effects occurring.

To create this all-natural spa product recipe, melt a third of a cup of beeswax into a hot pan, then combine with a base oil that you prefer. Add in a third of a cup of lime juice to the pan, then pour the mixture into a clean glass jar or container. Let the Citrus Natural Moisturizer cool for thirty minutes, then apply to your arms, legs, and even the face as you normally moisturize.

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