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Are You Considering Breast Augmentation?

Considering Breast AugmentationMany women around the world have had or are considering breast augmentation surgery. It is the most common type of plastic surgery performed every year. Many women choose to have their breasts enlarged for a number of reasons. Most of those who have had the procedure, say that it is something that they had always wanted to do.

While most women get the surgery for their own self- esteem, there are those who do it to please their partners. This is never a good idea, as the surgery should be a personal decision. Those who do it because of someone else end up being unhappy with the results.

Breast implant surgery is the most effective way to improve the breast size and shape. The procedure must always be performed by a board certified plastic surgeon. Breast enhancement using implants helps to give a woman a more proportional shape. Some women are born with asymmetrical breasts, and this can be improved through the surgery.

Am I a candidate for Breast Augmentation?

If one or more of the situations below describes you, then you are a good candidate for breast augmentation:

  • You are constantly worried that your breasts are too small and you are embarrassed by it.
  • You have recently lost a lot of weight, and your breasts have lost their firmness.
  • No clothes you buy fit well along the bust line. You avoid wearing swimsuits and form fitting clothes.
  • When you look at your breasts in the mirror, you notice that they look different in shape and size.
  • You have noticed that after pregnancy and breastfeeding, your breasts have lost a lot of volume.
  • As you have grown older, you have noticed that your breasts are beginning to droop or sag.

When you visit a surgeon for consultation, you will be asked what your expectations are, your desired breast size, and what you consider most important about the surgery. Once the surgeon understands what your goals are, he will be able to determine how realistic they are, and how the best solution can be reached.

Most women go to the surgeon’s office asking for a breast size that may be unrealistically large. The doctor examines the candidate to see what the best options are. It is always best to listen to the doctor’s advice when it comes to the most suitable size.

Breast Augmentation Valuation

The surgeon examines the breasts and takes photographs for the medical record. The physical examination is carried out to find out the size and shape of breasts, the position of the nipples and the areolas, and the quality of the skin. In cases where the breasts are drooping or sagging, the surgeon may recommend a breast lift along with the augmentation.

The consultation will also cover a complete medical history. Information about medical conditions, medical treatments received, drug allergies, any previous surgeries and any medication or supplements being taken currently will be needed. It is essential to provide complete information, to enable the surgeon to perform a successful procedure without any complications.

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