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Cause Of Painful Lump In The Breast

If you have noticed that you have a painful lump in the breasts then you need to be sure it is not a serious potentially life-threatening condition. There are several things that can cause a painful lump in the breasts such as follows.

The possibility of Fibroadenomas

Fibroadenomas are noncancerous lumps that can be found in the breasts. These lumps are usually very rubbery and can be easily moved within breast tissue. A woman may notice these lumps the most during years when she is the most fertile.

Fibroadenomas lumps will be very soft to the touch. The chances of these lumps becoming cancerous are few. Just to be on the safe side you should consider speaking with your doctor to confirm that Fibroadenomas is indeed the cause of a painful lump in your breasts.

Fibrocystic changes you may go through

You can discover fibrocystic changes in one breast or both breasts. These changes will be noticed the most frequently during reproductive years. These changes are seen as being normal and happen as a result of a variation of breast tissue.

Don’t worry if you have a fibrocystic condition, because this condition does not mean your chances of breast cancer will be greater.

But you will feel extreme tenderness in the breasts and maybe a little pain. Your doctor should be consulted so they can evaluate any lumps you may have and confirm that the condition is just a fibrocystic change.

You may have a breast cyst

You may have a painful lump in the breast because of a simple cyst. Cysts in the breasts are common and they are usually nothing more than fluid filled sacs. You may notice pain more right before your period starts, but sometimes no pain may be present at all.

Your doctor can give you a thorough examination and they can even drain the cyst. You may notice a green fluid when your doctor performs this procedure and afterwards the lump should go away altogether.

If blood comes out of the lump when it is being drained further analysis will need to be conducted just to ensure that no cancer cells are present. In some cases simply draining the lump may not cause it to go away altogether and minor surgery may be required.

Cysts caused by milk

You may have milk cysts, which are sacs filled with milk. Milk cysts can turn into a condition known as abscess. You are more likely to get this condition if you are currently breast-feeding on a regular basis.

Amongst some of the symptoms you might notice would be a swollen breast, a painful breast and even a burning sensation. Simple antibiotics and pain relievers given to you by your doctor can help relieve the symptoms quite easily.

If you have noticed a painful lump in the breast you definitely do not want to take any chances. You may have a milk cyst, fibrocystic changes or Fibroadenomas, but you must consult with a doctor to be absolutely certain.

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