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Buyer Beware: When Breast Implants Go Wrong

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In today’s technological age, everything is expected to move at lightning speed and we have become accustomed to quick fixes for just about everything — including breasts. Women who feel they are not well enough endowed can go ahead and make use of available breast implant surgeries. While breast implants may seem like the perfect answer for a woman who would like to increase her breast size, the truth is, things can go horribly wrong after breast implant surgery.

Breast Augmentation, Breast Size and Beauty

Even with all the risks involved, there are approximately more than 350,000 women who opt to get implants. The fact is many persons — men and women alike — see the fuller, larger, firm and perky breasts are more feminine and attractive. As such, women with smaller or even sagging breast may opt for breast augmentation surgeries that are guaranteed to make breasts firmer, fuller and larger in appearance and feel almost instantly (once the recovery period is over).

Still, there are risks associated with such procedures and they should be in the forefront of a woman’s mind when she is considering altering her breasts and subsequently physical appearance in this manner.

Horror Stories: When Breast Implants Go Wrong

Unfortunately, there are many stories of implants actually going wrong. Breast implants gone wrong usually come to the fore as women being to notice that their body is rejecting the implant, as was the case with one 24 year old woman. After changing her size A-cup breasts to Double D, the woman noticed more than two months post-surgery that the right breast implant was beginning to protrude from her chest in an abnormal way. The implant eventually came out of the skin.

This phenomenon is a condition that can often happen when breasts implants complications arise, known as capsular contracture. Capsular contracture happens when the body’s existing immune system responds to what it deems to be foreign objects inside the body.

Scar tissue that may form around the breast implants can become hard like a stone and begins to protrude from the chest. A small cut then can appear on the underside of the breast causing the implant to protrude from the breast.

Other Complications From Breast Implants

In addition to capsular contracture, there are other complications that can arise from breast implant surgeries. A surgeon may or may not be up front with you regarding some of the negative repercussions and risks of breast augmentation surgeries. As such, it is important that you know for yourself exactly what these risks and negative side effects are.

The negative complications include:

  • Pain in the breasts
  • Change in nipple and breast sensations
  • Rupture of implants
  • Prolonged healing period for incisions
  • Uneven shape, size and appearance
  • Enlarged lymph nodes around the breasts
  • Swelling, bruising and wrinkling of implants (usually visible through the skin in and around the breasts

among others. While it is true that a surgeon who is qualified and honest will lets you know just what the risks of breast augmentation surgery include, your best bet is to opt for natural and non-natural non-invasive breast enlargement methods.

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