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Benefits Of Going Braless

benefits of going bralessMany cultures today can be considered pro-bra. In many cultures, including some parts of the modern western world, going braless is frowned upon for more reasons than one — many of which are more socially constructed than anything else. As a result, there are all kinds of bras suited to shape women and girls with breasts of all shapes and sizes that they are encouraged to wear on a daily basis. Culturally, well-fitted bras are simply thought to shape, mold and keep breasts from sagging, making them perkier and have a fuller, more attractive appearance.

Wearing a bra has always been thought to be something that is good for supporting the development of firm and well-formed breasts, and has such is often encouraged. However, new findings are proving that this is not necessarily true at all. In fact, studies are suggesting that the opposite in fact may be true. New research — including a 15 years long French study — is suggesting that bras do not prevent sagging, nor do they necessarily improve breast health. In the aforementioned study, those who wore bras regularly for a year was found to have their breasts sag up to 7mm. This is as opposed to going braless for over a year which resulted in nipples rising up to 7mm, measuring from the shoulder.

The Benefits of Not Wearing a Bra

There is a never ending list of reasons that girls and women all over may not want to wear a bra, with comfort being at the top of that list. Even with a myriad of reasons for opting out of wearing their underwires, women may not be aware of the pros of doing so. The fact is, the benefits of going braless are many, and are felt on a personal, social and medical level. Of course, one would have to go braless on a consistent basis. The study referred to in this article uses one year markers. Some of the benefits of going braless over an extended period of time include:

– Having Firmer, Perkier, More Attractive Breasts

The 15 year breakthrough French study found that in addition to a much welcomed lift with each year of going without a bra, women experienced the fading of their stretch marks and overall having firmer breast. Firmer breasts also result in an increase in women’s self-esteem and overall feeling of wellbeing as they enjoy an improved and more attractive overall appearance.

– Encourage The Growth Of Healthy Breast Tissue

One of the arguments for going braless, as supported by completed and ongoing research is that wearing a bra may (or appears to) hinder the growth of healthy breast tissues. Healthy breast tissue growth adds to the firmness and lift of the breasts and the strengthening of the muscles of the chest that support breast tissue. Going without a bra encourages the growth of this healthy breast tissue and thereby improves the appearance and the overall feel of the breasts.

– Enjoying Improved Circulation

Much like the encouragement of healthy breast tissue growth, another benefit of not wearing a bra includes improving circulation and healthy (unrestricted) blood flow in the chest and breasts. This too encourages firmer and healthier skin around the breast and chest areas, helping to reduce sagging and improve firmness and the shape of the breasts.

More attractive breasts help women and girls feel more confident in their appearance and can boost self-esteem. This rise in one’s self-esteem on a personal level is highly likely to have far reaching effects socially and possibly on health (if even in a psychosomatic sort of way).  Women will likely be happier, friendly and enjoy overall better interaction with themselves and those around them as is often the case with confident individuals.

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