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How To Know That Your Breasts Are Getting Bigger

Right from birth, your breast undergoes transformations through various stages. One of the most crucial stage that you will start noticing changes is during puberty. Normally, most girls begin puberty when they are 8 years old, or the growth could even delay until when they are 13.

However, even if your breast starts growing at an early age, it doesn’t mean that they are going to be bigger than the breasts for those who started growing late since the rate of growth will vary from one girl to another.

Despite how minor the changes could get, it is important to be prepared in advance by knowing what to expect. So, how do you know your breasts are getting bigger? Here are some of the signs of breast growth.

Breasts Feel Heavy

When you finally attain puberty, your reproductive system will begin developing. As a result, your breast will also start growing bigger. This is because when the ovaries begin producing estrogen, the breast tissues start gaining fat. The fat, in turn, will cause your breasts to grow large making them feel heavy.

Increased Firmness and Breast Expansion

As the milk-producing glands and fatty tissues inside the breast continue growing, your breasts will get rounder and even bigger. It is also normal for the aerola; the dark part of your breasts to get bigger and darker and you might find the nipples sticking out too.

Itchiness Around the Breast Area

Itching breast is something that no one enjoys as it could get messy. While itchiness is usually not a big deal if it is on your arm or leg, it’s a different case when it comes to itchy breasts. While you can scratch them most times, in some situations it could get embarrassing depending on the environment.

However, itchiness of your boobs is normal, and you will hardly find someone having to see a doctor about it. Most ladies will feel itchiness on the nipples and around the breast areas in the form of a burning sensation and irritation. Despite regular scratching your breast being a non-issue, sometimes something other than normal growth is up which is why you need to be keen.

Breast Growing Ache And Discomfort

As your breasts enlarge, the nerves inside might get affected by the changes due to the expansion of the skin, and as a result, you might experience some itchiness of the skin. However, the pain and discomfort should disappear after some time.

The production of progesterone and estrogen in your body also triggers the growth of your breasts. As you begin puberty the level of production of these hormones will rise which will cause your breasts to increase in size.

The changes in the level of these hormones affect the amount of fluid in the breasts during the menstrual cycle, pregnancy, breastfeeding, and when you reach menopause. These turn of events in your body might make your breast feel more sensitive or even painful causing some discomfort.

Growing Nipples

As your boobs grow, it is normal to experience itching, aching or tingling in the nipples and they might even become tender or swollen. If you notice the pain behind or in your nipple, you might also feel something like a bump beneath the nipple which makes the dark skin around your nipples look big.

Stretch Marks

During puberty, some ladies’ breast will undergo rapid growth and sometimes the body will even grow faster such that the skin could have difficulties in matching the speed. When this happened, you will notice that stretch marks will form on the boobs. They appear as red to purple lines and finally fade to resemble your skin complexion. Despite the fact that you can’t totally stop them, wearing correct size bra will be helpful in preventing the situation from getting worse.


Normal breast growth occurs in a great percentage of your life. It starts before you are born and stops at menopause with several phases between the two. Since the phases happen concurrently with the phases of life, the timing of the stages will vary from one woman to another.

The stages and the transitions on the breast will be different as well. This means that the size of the breast will vary from one person to another.  In any case, the importance of being informed of the normal development cannot be underestimated. The question of how do you know your breasts are getting bigger will help you detect any potential issues at an early stage.

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