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Total Curve And Mastectomy

buy total curveEven though mastectomy it’s an important tool in the battle against breast cancer, it can cause considerable emotional upset and drastically change the way a woman looks at herself.

A mastectomy affects different woman in different ways. After the mastectomy, there are changes to a woman’s self-esteem and libido.

A woman may feel incomplete and some undergo constructive surgery to treat the problem. While such surgery can have important psychological benefits, it can also have physical ramifications.

Scarring can be a problem in breast reconstruction. It may take over two years for scars to fade and some may never go away. Another dangerous side effect of breast reconstruction is leaking implants. These can present a serious health risk and require additional surgery. Women with implants after breast reconstruction typically undergo checkups every two years to make certain that the implants are still intact.

Implants will also deteriorate over time and may need to be replaced at some point. This means additional surgery that can sever nerves and cause a loss of sensation in the breast. While sensation has sometimes returned, this is usually a permanent side effect.

Breasts are a vital part of a woman’s self image. Her breasts are not only closely connected to the appearance of her body, they have a great deal to do with her self image. They are an essential part of her womanhood.

A mastectomy can cause a woman to feel less attractive and desirable. She may be self-conscious about her spouse seeing her naked. This often causes a mastectomy patient’s sex drive to decrease after the operation. This is why many women consider breast reconstruction surgery.

A mastectomy will not drastically change a woman’s physical enjoyment of sex. However, it can make her feel self-conscious.

totalcurve200Some women use breast prosthesis an artificial breast that is worn under a bra to give the appearance of a natural breast. For women curious about breast reconstruction, Total Curve is possibly an attractive alternative to surgery. Let’s take a look at how it might be helpful.

Total Curve contains sarsasapogenin, which naturally stimulates lipogenesis, the growth of fatty tissue in the breasts; this increases breast volume and enhances lift. Total Curve is a completely natural, two-step breast enhancement process, of daily supplement and a lifting & firming gel that contains Volufiline, which has been clinically proven to improve breast size in less than 60 days.

Total Curve is designed and created to enlarge breast size and reduce sagging. While it cannot help women who have had a breast completely removed; it’s quite conceivable that it can increase breast volume in women who have undergone only partial breast removal. And it can improve how you look.

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