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Volufiline™: A Miracle Breast Enhancement Ingredient

Developed in France to be used in cosmetics for body and face skin care to help make a given area appear plumper and fuller, Volufiline™ is now being increasingly used as a breast and buttocks enhancement ingredient in many products designed to increase the size and fat production in those areas. Below, we take a closer look at what this very powerful ingredient consists of, and how it works in products.

About Volufiline™: What It Is And How It Works

volufilineVolufiline™ is a specially branded ingredient (used a base for topical products) derived from the extract of Zhu Mu (Anemarrhena asphodeloides) – a Chinese herb. Products using this ingredient are topically applied to the relevant areas of the body. Once applied, the ingredient goes to work stimulating the body in the area(s) it was applied and enhances the fat production there. Thereafter, said affected area becomes noticeably plumper and fuller.

Volufiline™ works so well because unlike other ingredients, it does not stimulate the hormones in the body that are responsible for increasing breast size. Instead, it works by stimulating the growth of adipose tissues which are found in high amounts in breast tissue. In this way, it naturally enhances the size of the breasts. Additionally, because this ingredient does not work by stimulating the body’s hormones, it becomes a great option for those women wanting a natural solution that will not interfere with their hormones at all.

Directions For Use – How To Use This Ingredient In Products

This ingredient is a topical solution (cannot be taken orally), available in lotions or creams. It is massaged directly into the breasts, twice per day, in a circular motion moving from the nipple outward. Many breast enhancement solutions such as Total Curve offer a Volufiline™ based cream that is used in tandem with an herbal supplement as part of the solution.

Pros, Cons and Clinical Proof

Women interested in using Volufiline™ based products will be happy to know that the product’s efficacy has been proven in clinical tests carried out by experts. In one of the several tests carried out, 5% of the product was applied to one breast among a select group of women, daily, for a 56-day period. At the end of the period, the treated breast was shown to increase about 8.4% in size when compared with the untreated breasts. The application of Volufiline™ based products also showed that adipocytes and stored fats increased more than 22 times and 600%, respectively, after application.

Based on the results of the clinical trials, Volufiline™ based products are effective. Importantly, these products are also safe to use. There are virtually no side effects, and when compared to other all-natural products, Volufiline™ is considered even safer seeing that it does not affect the hormones. To date, no user or studies have noted any adverse effects from using the ingredient.

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