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How to Massage Your Breast To Enhance Them

To be able to achieve the pleasing and the permanent results that a woman needs related to the size of her breasts, she needs to learn some basic things to maintain her results. The options that are usually available could be reduced to three of them: plastic surgery, natural breast enhancement massage or pills & creams. For the women who choose the natural way, the option that she has is to learn how she should massage her breasts. It is very simple and quick to be learned by anyone.

The massage can be done by the woman herself and is the cheapest option among the ones related to breast enhancement. She will only need to spend little sums of money on oils, creams, lotions or gels that can be found easily in stores or online.

These are used only to accelerate the process of massaging. This procedure is very simple and any woman could perform it easily and could learn very quickly how to do it in a proper way for good results.breast enhancement massage

These are the proper steps – simple as this:

  1. You should start with the nipples and push downwards in a gentle way with the first three fingers. Do not apply much pressure and have calculated and graceful moves.
  2. Massage the breasts very tenderly with holding the hands like you are doing when kneading dough. You should hold your breasts with both hands and make something like a cup. Avoid using a lot of pressure and note that you should feel comfortable.
  3. Knead the breast for some short while and then move to the other breast and repeat the process in a gentle way; it should not hurt.
  4. Afterwards, hold the breast just like you did before and work on it using a spiraling movement. You should take care to rotate the hands clockwise slowly and afterwards counterclockwise with using only a little pressure. Repeat the same for the other breast as well.
  5. In the end, release the breast very softly and the rub it with the palms, but do not cover the areola. You should make sure that the nipples will not lose their shape and come to look different.

If you do this exercise in a consistent way and if you repeat the process for around ten times per each of your breasts, then the results will be really impressive and satisfying. The best thing is that breast massaging has no side effects but does have great positive effects.

They improve firmness, they make your breasts fuller and bigger and you will have a bigger cup size. Massaging also has the benefit of preventing breast cancer or other breast issues. There is nothing that you can regret about breast massage and there is everything to be satisfied about.

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