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Your Breasts After a Pregnancy: Understanding How to Get Back to Normal

Before pregnancy, the connective tissues and ligaments give the breasts their perkiness, shape, and support. This all changes when a woman becomes pregnant because the body begins going through some changes. The breasts will grow larger during the pregnancy and continue growing until right after the birth, allowing them to be fully gorged for lactation. Soon after breastfeeding stops, the breasts will slowly shrink back to their original size. During the pregnancy, the growth and reduction of the breast has begun to break down those ligaments and connective tissues that aid in support. The end result is the breasts begin to take on the characteristics of a rubber band that has been stretched too far.

Breast Care During Pregnancy

If you are planning on becoming pregnant or already are with child, there are going to be concerns about what will be happening to your breasts. The reason for the concern is you have most certainly seen what happens to the breasts in other women. The time to start taking care of your breasts is as soon as you are aware that you are pregnant.

  1. Choosing the right bra will give your breasts plenty of support. The breasts are going to be growing significantly during the pregnancy, so choose a larger bra so you are not squeezing your breasts into a smaller bra. Choosing a larger bra will give your breasts the additional support that they need during the pregnancy.
  2. Pay close attention to your weight during your pregnancy. It is not a healthy decision to limit your calorie intake when you are pregnant, and the same can be said for ingesting too many fatty foods that will surely come with those cravings. The faster that you add weight to the body, the more strain you are going to be placing on the breasts. The ideal weight gain for your pregnancy should be around 25 to 35 pounds.
  3. Be sure to begin moisturizing your breasts early on in the pregnancy and continue throughout. If you are using a moisturizer to limit stretch marks, incorporate that routine into the breast area. Start moisturizing the breasts with a lotion, cocoa butter or a breast-firming product like Brestrogen daily during your pregnancy.

Breast Care After Pregnancy

Once you have given birth, the breasts are going to do through drastic and immediate changes. Only a week after having your baby, the breasts will start to stretch from the increase of milk in the glands. Even if you are not going to breast feed, the breasts will still undergo severe changes for a couple months after child birth. Here are a few things you can do to help return your breasts to their normal shape and size.

  1. Take a close look at the bras that you currently own, chances are you might have to go with another size right after pregnancy as the breasts slowly return to normal size. A supportive bra will help reduce stretch marks, so do not try to save a few dollars by wearing the wrong size. Make certain during the months after pregnancy that you are always wearing a bra.
  2. Take the baby weight off as slowly as possible. Drastic changes in your weight could severely impact the way your breasts appear months from now. Moderate exercise and healthy eating are recommended. Eating a balanced diet will ensure that the weight comes off in the appropriate time, giving your breasts time to snap back to their original shape.
  3. Begin toning up your pectoral muscles. Strengthening the pectoral muscles will give your breasts a much more secure region to rest upon. A weak pectoral region will increase the likelihood that the breasts begin sagging, so work on tightening that region and your breasts will hold up better during these early months after pregnancy.

Right after childbirth is the time to start working on getting those breasts back to your pre-pregnancy form. That connective tissue in the breasts will eventually retract, giving you back those perky and supple breasts. This process does not happen overnight, so be sure to wear the right bra to offer support as you take care of your breasts. Incorporating breast care into your normal routine will allow them to slowly transform back into the size and shape you enjoyed before you became pregnant.

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