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4 Reasons You Should Reconsider Getting Breast Implants

breast implantsThe number of women who are going under the knife for breast enlargement surgery are increasing year after year. It is important that before you consider this surgery that you are aware of all the risks involved during and after the surgery is completed.

Many women simply believe that getting breast implants is 100% safe, but this is definitely not the case. If you are thinking about getting breast implants, consider the following 4 reasons why you might want to think this over again.

1. Deadly Breast Implant Surgery

While you might think that it takes a real sketchy doctor who offers bargain basement prices for an accident to happen on the surgery table, this is not the case at all. A beautiful teenager in Florida in 2008 went under the knife to enlarge her breasts. This popular high school teenager named Stephanie Kuleba was a varsity cheerleader, who simply wanted to improve her appearance.

No one could have foreseen that a rare precondition caused her to die on the table from the anesthesia. She died less than 24 hours after her attempted surgery for breast implants. Another tragic case involves a marathon runner named Julie Rubenzer. This 38 year old woman unfortunately chose a surgeon with a very poor record of accidents during surgery. The doctor is still in practice and still running ads in her local paper, despite having killed breast implant patients on her operating table.

2. The High Cost of Surgery

Each year the price of breast implant surgery gets more expensive. The average cost of getting breast enhancement surgery from a reputable doctor can be more that a full one year tuition to your State University. With so many more worthwhile things to spend that money on, it is really worth wasting it on fake breasts?

3. The Long List of Complications

Even if the surgery happens to be successful, you have to contend with a huge list of possible complications after surgery. If you happen to be one of the lucky ones who escapes surgery without incident, your silicone filled implants could leak at any time.

Many women who have experienced broken implants, claim the silicone leaking in their bodies has lead to a life full of illnesses, including cancer. Over 25% of women who get silicone implants experience some form of complication within three years of the surgery. These include numbing of the breasts, life threatening infections, and painful and uncomfortable sensations that they must endure for as long as they keep the implants.

4. Dealing With Permanent Scarring

It all depends on how your body heals after surgery, but scaring can be something that you may have to deal with. The breast implants will be inserted into your body in one of three different ways. They will be inserted into your body under the breast, beneath the nipple, or through the armpit.

More women choose to have the implant inserted under the nipple because the remaining scar will blend in naturally with the dark line of the nipple, but more complications can occur during this surgery. If you choose the armpits, the skin in that region is very sensitive and might not heal well. Lumpy scars not only look unsightly, they are extremely painful. These women often revisit the surgeon to have another procedure to lessen the pain.

If you are serious about increasing your breast size but want to avoid all the dangerous complications, consider using an all natural breast enhancement cream like Naturaful. Massage your breasts twice a day with the cream, you will notice a more fuller and perkier breast develop each time you look in the mirror.

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