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In this day and age, we’re all about the independent woman and all that. But let’s face it, a woman’s figure, and her boobs, are still a big part of her identity. You twist and turn in front of the mirror to see what your body looks like at different angles.

Some things you can help – like losing fat or toning up here and there. But some things you just can’t help – like your cup size or whether you were blessed with a Beyonce-sized-booty.

I’ve worked really hard to tone up my body where I can. But no matter what exercises I’m doing, it’s not getting my boobs any bigger. That’s when I came across Naturaful, a product that claims to increase your breast size by 1 to 2 whole cups!

Too good to be true? For someone who wears a 34-B, increasing that to a D cup would be a dream come true. So I decided to give this cream a try, with the high hopes of achieving my ideal breast size without having to get surgery (not an option for me).

I’d tried some other products like this before in the past. Surprisingly, they did give me some results but unfortunately, they didn’t last. As soon as I stopped using whatever it was, my chest shriveled back down to its original size.

If other lotions could get my boobs to look like grapes instead of raisins, there’s got to be one that can keep them from shrinking back down. I really wanted Naturaful to be the answer. Here’s what happened when I used it.

Does Naturaful Really Work?

Naturaful is an herb-based formula with organic ingredients, which works naturally with the body’s chemistry to increase fullness and firmness of breast tissue. It includes ingredients like:

  • Dandelion Root – Promotes new breast tissue growth and detoxifies
  • Damiana – Contains phytoestrogen for bust enhancement
  • Blessed Thistle – Often used to increase milk supply and hormonal balancing agent
  • Oat Bran – Aids in production of selenoproteins that combat free radicals and improves immune function
  • Dong Quai Sabal – Used for regulating moods like PMS symptoms or from stress
  • Wild Mexican Yam – Commonly found in women’s health products for breast enhancement and sexual stimulation
  • Motherwort – Natural estrogen booster

Basically, it’s a natural way to increase the size of your boobs without having to go under the knife. From my research, it sounds like it’s good for your body too.

Now, there’s something I want to point out. Getting bigger breasts wasn’t always a concern of mine. About two years ago, I was a little heavier than I am now and wore a 38-C bra. I ate whatever I wanted and didn’t really exercise, but still felt pretty sexy when I put on a low-cut shirt. Basically, my boobs were my best feature.

Then I went on a health kick and decided to tone up some ‘problem’ areas. Pretty soon, my best feature was definitely not my boobs anymore. Along with the weight loss, my breasts got smaller and sat a little lower. Not okay!

The problem was I already knew what my chest could be and I really didn’t want to give that up so I set out on a mission to get it back. Here’s what drew me to Naturaful the most:

  • Easy to use
  • Natural ingredients
  • Increase breast size by 1 to 2 cups
  • No negative side effects
  • Increases firmness of breasts (because no one wants saggy boobs)
  • Relatively fast results
  • Non-surgical

Because I’d tried some other creams that gave me moderate results, I expected this one to at least do the same. Here’s what happened when I actually used it.

Here’s What I liked About This Breast Enhancement Cream

Using Naturaful is pretty easy and the instructions are straight forward. The best time to apply it is when your pores are open to maximize absorption and they suggest you use it twice a day.

I decided to apply the cream after my morning (hot!) shower and before bedtime. It goes on better if your skin is completely dry so make sure to towel off before rubbing it in. It only takes a dollop per boob so one jar actually goes pretty far.

For the night time application, I ran hot water over a towel and pressed it to my chest first to get the pores to open up. After several months of continuous use of this breast enhancement cream, here’s what I liked most.

It Really is Easy to Use

Just like any other type of lotion, you simply rub it into your skin and that’s it. You can go about your normal routine and forget about it. Make sure you don’t forget about it completely though. There were a few times I missed an application, especially at night, so I’d use a little more the next day.

I Didn’t Experience Side Effects

This one was a big one for me because I can get pretty bad PMS so it was important whatever I used didn’t make it worse. I noticed nothing out of the ordinary in the months I used this boob cream, and it may have even helped some of the symptoms. My cycle fluctuates so much I can’t really tell. But it definitely didn’t make things worse.

I Saw Results in Just 3 Weeks

The whole point of trying out Naturaful was to get bigger boobs and it worked! After 3 weeks, my boobs were kind of pouring over my bra in a way they didn’t before. It gave me the motivation to keep using it.

The Results Stuck Around

Not only did it increase my bra size by almost two cups, the results have stayed! I have to be honest though, I still apply it every once in awhile just in case but never more than once a day.

Of course, it wasn’t all peaches and cream and I want to make sure you get a fair and balanced review. So here are a few things I didn’t like.

Here’s What I Didn’t Like About Naturaful

After finally finding a product that does what it says, I’m happier with my body and think my boobs are my best feature again. Of course, the product isn’t perfect so in the spirit of full disclosure, here’s what I didn’t like about it.

It’s Easy to Forget to Apply it

This one’s more on me than it is on the product. But having to apply it twice every single day is a commitment. If you’re someone that easily forgets to do things on a daily basis, find ways to remind yourself – like setting an alarm on your phone or leaving a note on the bathroom mirror.

It Takes A while to Work

I know I told you I saw results after only 3 weeks, which really isn’t very long. But I recommended this to one of my friends who didn’t get results that fast so it made me look like a liar. She applied it religiously for 2 months before she saw results.

All bodies are different so just keep that in mind when using Naturaful. But more importantly, it does give real results that last. Whether you want bigger breasts, to even out the size of your breasts, or to firm up what’s sagging – Natural really works! Here’s how you can get some for yourself.

Where To Buy this Boob Cream Without Getting Ripped Off

Naturaful is rated #1 across the web on breast enhancement sites – mainly because it works! It’s best to buy it directly from the manufacturer to make sure you don’t get ripped off or sent a knock-off product that doesn’t really work.

The best part of buying direct from Naturaful is they have a 60-Day 100% money back guarantee so if you decide it’s not right for you, you can get a full refund. Naturaful is also formulated in the United States at a GMP-compliant facility and ships worldwide. According to their website, a million women use it across the globe!

You can purchase jars individually for $39 each or buy in bulk and save even more.

An order of 3 jars is $99.

And an order of 6 jars is $199 with free shipping.

Every order comes with a free Naturaful handbook with exclusive diet and exercise tips. You just have to visit their website, choose what you want to buy, enter your payment information, and wait for it to arrive at your doorstep.

Right now you can keep looking in the mirror and wanting a different body or you can opt for a risky, expensive surgical procedure. Why risk your health or spend another moment disliking what you see? Naturaful can increase your breast size by 2 cups quickly, safely, and affordably.

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FAQs About Naturaful Cream

How To Use Naturaful For Optimal Results

To get satisfactory results, you should rub Naturaful onto your breast twice a day. This should be done after a hot shower or, use a warm wet towel on the chest area before applying the breast enlargement cream. If you are using a warm wet towel, ensure you compress it on the breasts for about 30 to 45 seconds.

Some women also use a blow dryer, although a warm wet towel is much more efficient. This process helps the breast pores to open up for maximum absorption of the product. The amount of the cream to be applied on the breasts varies from woman to woman. One should only use enough cream to cover the chest area. Remember to massage the skin liberally to increase blood circulation in the breasts.

What Results Can You Expect?

Unlike with surgical methods you can’t exactly pick and choose your cup size increase with natural products. Having said that though, most women experience an increase of 1-2 cup sizes using Naturaful (depending on how long they use the product). Any breast enhancement cream or pills manufacturer that claims more than 2 cup sizes is likely to be exaggerating (for such an increase you should probably consider surgery). It’s important to be realistic in your expectations and then you won’t be disappointed.

Benefits (other than bigger breasts) include increased firmness, a fuller shape and a regulation of female hormones. This product does not encourage overall weight gain, size increase will be limited to the bust area.

How Long Will It Take To See Results?

With implant surgery, results are pretty much instantaneous – this unfortunately is not the case with natural products. It takes time for new tissue to grow (remember your breasts didn’t gain a cup size over night when you were going through puberty either!). You should definitely experience some results in the first month which let you know the product is working e.g. increased firmness and a slight size change (this might not be extremely obvious, but you should notice your bra feeling tighter).

Depending on the size you wish to achieve it can take anything from 3-6 months to reach your desired size. Results are permanent though, so the time and money you spend is a long term investment.

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