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What Makes your Breasts Grow

Many women would like to know what makes your breasts grow especially those who were not able to reach their desired cup size. There are actually many factors that contribute to breast growth and development. Here are some of those most known factors that help enhance and make your breasts grow bigger.

what makes your breasts grow

Puberty Stage and Start of Menstrual Cycle

The most and obvious factor on what makes your breasts grow bigger is puberty stage and when menstruation starts. In this stage of a girl’s life she undergoes many hormonal changes that contribute to the many changes that her body undergoes thereafter.

During puberty stage, the ovaries start to produce estrogen, a hormone that is responsible for the growth and development of breast cells and tissues. Estrogen is also responsible for fat accumulation in the breasts. The breasts are actually mostly made up of fat tissues and the more fat that you have stored the bigger your breasts will be. The breasts continue to accumulate fats making it grow outward until it reaches its adult size.

Also, menstruation is stage in a girl’s life that can make her breasts become bigger as well. During menstruation, the glands located in breasts accumulate more water thus the feeling of swelling and heavy load on your breasts. During this phase, your breasts will appear bigger but with an unpleasant sensation of swelling and heaviness. This phase happens days before your menstrual cycle starts and upon your first day, your breasts will return to normal as the water accumulated will flush out as well.

Taking Contraceptives and Pregnancy

Taking oral contraceptive pills can make your breasts bigger. Oral contraceptive pills contain hormones which can help enhance your breast size. It contains hormones that are very similar to hormones you secrete during pregnancy that is responsible in increasing breast size. Oral contraceptive pills also promote water retention in breasts just like what you experience before your first day in your menstrual cycle causing it to become bigger.

Pregnancy also makes breasts bigger as your body produces the hormone progesterone which is responsible for milk production in your breasts. Since you store milk in your breasts, it will eventually grow bigger due to swollen milk glands and more fat deposits. A mother’s breasts stays enlarged until the time that your breasts cannot produce milk anymore and when you stop breast feeding your baby. Oftentimes, breasts return to their normal size but other times, it can even become smaller than before.

Gain Some Weight and Exercise

Since breasts are made mostly of fat tissues it is inevitable that when you gain a bit of weight, your breasts also become larger. While it may be contrasting to exercise and gain weight at the same time, there are actually exercises that helps you lose fat while at the same time help increase your breast size. Pushups helps develop your pectoral muscles which can help make your breasts appear bigger and rounder. Strong and large pectoral muscles can make your breasts appear larger, firmer and perkier.

These are just answers on what makes your breasts grow. These factors and stages in life can increase the breast size of a person. But if you want permanent methods to really increase breast size, gaining weight, using a breast enhancement product or exercising are your best options.

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