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Uneven Breast Size Solutions

Uneven breast size is more common that most people think. It is estimated that about half of women have asymmetrical breasts. This condition can occur at any age from puberty and beyond. There is a wide variety of causes including traumatic injuries, underlying benign tumors, chest wall deformities, spinal curvature, hormonal changes, and other medical conditions.

Asymmetries are usually minor and inconspicuous. Women can go through life without worrying about the slight discrepancy. In some cases, however, the difference is significant enough to cause psychological distress. Fortunately, there are several uneven breast size solutions that can be used to correct the problem. Let’s discuss a few of them including invasive and non-invasive treatments.

Breast Augmentation or Reduction Surgery

A lot of people think of breast augmentation as a vanity procedure for women who simply want more. However, the truth is that the vast majority of patients actually reported natural asymmetry as their prevailing reason. The side with a lower mass gets a silicone implant to make it equal to the other. Augmentation is not the only choice when it comes to surgery. Reduction is possible as well. In fact, this is said to provide a more satisfactory result. It does not leave a foreign object inside the body and there are no dangers of a rupture or infection.

Going under the knife merits serious consideration. It may be effective but it isn’t always the ideal solution. The procedure is painful and expensive. Implants can look unnatural. Many things can go wrong if the surgeon is not very competent. Even if things go smoothly, patients need a long recovery period. Some people may not have the time for it given their busy work schedules. For those looking for non-invasive treatments, breast enhancement pills and creams may just be what they need.

Breast Enhancement Pills and Creams

These oral and topical solutions work by stimulating the body’s production of female hormones. These trigger the enhanced growth of the glands underneath the chest for natural augmentation. The process is gradual as the body will need to adapt slowly to the hormonal shift. In the past, estrogen was one of the main ingredients in these products but their side effects made scientists look elsewhere. Now herbal extracts are used for safe and effective breast enhancement.

Pills work well for general size improvement. For the correction of uneven sizing, however, creams and gels are the better options. These topical treatments are applied directly onto the skin. They are massaged in a circular motion around the breasts for quicker absorption. This direct delivery of active ingredients makes them suitable for targeted development in asymmetrical cases. The smaller side may be treated until it grows to be as large as the other.

A Final Word

Women no longer have to worry about their asymmetrical chest. There are several uneven breast size solutions to choose from including surgery, pills and creams. For those who want a relatively inexpensive and non-invasive yet effective treatment, enhancement creams are the best way to go.

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