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Ten Easy Tips for A Beautiful Butt – Explained!

Tips for A Beautiful Butt
The gluteus maximus, often referred to as the glutes, are in fact the largest and strongest muscles of the body. Firm and nicely shaped bums are a remarkably attractive feature for both male as well as female.

This part of the body is commonly described using various slang terms such as backside, posterior, bum, buttocks, butt, hips, bottom, ass or booty.

Attaining great glutes requires a proper training routine along with a well-balanced nutritional diet plan.

The process may take time but you can achieve a nice and sexy looking butt if you remain focused and persistent.

Mentioned here are ten easy tips for a beautiful butt:

  1. Get involved in sports that keep you active: Glutes get toned if your feet remain moving. Any exercise or activity that requires your feet to keep moving or generally works the legs is advisable. Sports recommended for toning the glutes include cycling, racquetball, swimming, tennis and any team sport played on a field or ice.
  2. Make use of weights rather than only body weight: Adding weight to your butt exercises is a good idea for more efficiency and affectivity to increase lean muscle mass and strengthen the glutes. This will make them work out more and burn more quantity of calories. You will also be able to save time on your journey to attain the results you aim. Dumbbells and barbells can be used in exercises like wall sits, lunges, squats and step-ups.
  3. Do extremely slow movement exercises: You must have seen a lot of people working out fast in the gym. Fast moving exercises don’t help achieve fast results. If you perform exercises in proper form and timing, your muscles will maximize their potential and also have enough time to contract. For instance, if you are doing a squat, take 4 counts to go down, maintain the position for a split second and then take 2-3 counts to come back.
  4. Perform isometric butt training: Isometrics refer to a type of workout in which static contraction of a muscle is performed without moving at a particular angle of a joint. Working out in this manner is ideal for gaining strength and effectively enhancing power. In simple words, you will remain in a particular position for a definite duration of time till your muscles fatigue. Make the workout more challenging. Set records and try to break your own records.
  5. Gluteal flexing: You can do this at anytime and anywhere. You may not want to do it in public but some people do that too. It is simple and all you need to do is tighten your gluteus muscles and hold the contraction for about 1 to 2 seconds. With time you can increase the pause and repeat the contraction for 5 to 6 times. This exercise is great and you can do it even while sitting on your desk at work or watching TV or doing work on the computer.
  6. Cardio exercises: Do a significant amount of cardio training and your glutes will drastically become tight and nice shaped. Alternate your regime and do a range of different machines. Pay more attention on machines that target the lower part of your body. These include the cross-trainer, stair climber, rower and the stepper.
  7. Workouts that focus on the glutes: Some resistance exercises need to be part of your workout regime when you want to develop attractive and strong buns. Dumbbell and barbell squats, leg press, butt blaster machine, lunges, dead lifts and single leg backs are suggested for the gluteus maximus. In case of the gluteus medius, seated or cable abduction and adduction are recommended. Some of the other great exercises to perform include lying straight leg side raises, kneeling donkey kicks or the bridge using weights for increased resistance.
  8. Keep the glutes visible: Make sure that you can see the progress you are making. A lot of people prefer wearing long tops when they do not have an attractive backside. However, if you are working out to achieve a beautiful butt, it is important that you see it at all times and get motivated to do something about it.
  9. Indulge in mini-workouts throughout the day: Keep exercising in bits and pieces throughout the day. Have a pair of light dumbbells or a set of ankle weights in your office and use them during your break. When you take your dog out for a walk, you could do a lunge or 90-degree wall sit against a tree. Do calf raises while waiting in line at the bank or the grocery store.
  10. Relax with a gluteal massage: A deep muscle massage on the glutes will improve the shape of the entire muscle group and at the same time enhance the tension and overall health. Ask a professional to help you with therapeutic massage once in every month. You will remain protected from muscle atrophy and help refurbish muscle group. You will also feel more active and relaxed in your overall body.

So, get up and get started to achieve and maintain that firm and beautiful butt you’ve always desired.

I’m sure you’ll agree the above are some great tips for getting that butt you’ve always wanted, but a little help wouldn’t go astray either.

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