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Drooping of  breasts is one natural change in a woman’s body that is inevitable especially after pregnancy or as she gets older. However, there are rare cases of women with very small breasts whose breasts rarely sagged.

Breast sagging is something that can happen at any age in a woman’s life since they have only ligaments and connective tissue with no muscles. If the breasts are pulled down mainly because of gravity, the skin on the breasts and the ligaments continually stretch and if no corrective or preventive measures are taken, you find yourself with sagging breasts at the end of the day.

The extent to which your breasts droop or sag is dependent on the elasticity of your ligaments and skin. This on the other hand is determined mainly by your lifestyle, gene and acceleration rate of the aging process. People with larger breasts tend to experience more sagging than those with smaller breasts because of the higher level of gravity that keeps pulling them downwards.

For those involved in one or more active sports, the bouncing of the breasts during sporting activities like tennis stretches the breasts ligaments and in some extreme cases, they get torn. This is why it is advised that to minimize chances of having sagging breasts, good and fitted sports bras should be worn prior to such activity.

This brings us to breast involution which is a natural process where the glands inside your breasts shrink and this usually happens after weaning or during menopause. Naturally when these tissues shrink, the skin around your breasts do not shrink and the resulting effect is that you are left with “empty look”.

If it is a case of weaning, after a month or so, fat is deposited back into your breasts which makes them to regain their pre-pregnancy look but then, the sagging remains.

Weight Loss?

Another cause of sagging breasts is weight loss which results in most of the fat deposits in the woman’s breast being lost. When this happens, it is usually difficult for the ligaments and connective tissues within the breasts to retract.

What then happens? Your breasts sag. But this can actually be taken care of by ensuring that your food is made up of nutrients that are capable of nourishing your skin and returning its elasticity and thereby improving your breasts.

Breasts Exercises?

There is also the use of various types of exercises for sagging breasts that tend to work towards rebuilding and firming the muscles on your chest which then lift and firms your breast, giving it that well known perkiness you have always cherished. These though are known as the home remedies. There are other sagging breasts remedies that are surgical.

try Total Curve for saggy breastsIn this case, you are made to go through breast implants or surgical lifts in order to restore that firmness in your breasts. Mention would also be made that there are several side effects associated with this option which includes loss of natural look and feeling and of course, it is expensive.

With all this, it is then up to you on what method you chose in taking care of your breasts. If you desire the natural methods, then it would interest you to know that there are several options available to you and you can hopefully start working towards improving your sagging breasts and being proud of your breasts again.

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