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Saggy Breasts After Breastfeeding

saggy breasts after breastfeedingYou may have heard about saggy breasts after childbirth but this does not stop you from breastfeeding your baby knowing that this is the best possible food you may ever provide your baby as he or she grows up.

No matter how confident you might be of this, the possibility of you being confident about your body changes, including your breasts during and after breastfeeding period is very minimal.

With this at the back of your mind, it may then interest you to know that the changes that contribute to you being saddled with breasts after breastfeeding takes place prior to the birth of your baby.

Even at this, it is not easy to ascertain the level at which your breasts will sag by the time you wean your child.

Breasts after Breastfeeding Saggy –  Check Advices!

Lots of women out there tend to believe that their saggy breasts are as a result of breast feeding even when pregnancy is the possible cause of their sagging boobies dilemma. The relaxing of the hormones during pregnancy, which takes place in order for the tendons and ligaments within your pelvic area to loosen up prior to childbirth have been confirmed to have lasting effect on a woman’s breast tissue.

Since when a woman gets pregnant, her breasts get fuller and heavier, it also puts a strain on the breast tissue which makes it possible for you to experience saggy breasts after breastfeeding your bundle of joy.

To further affirm the fact that breast feeding does not in any way cause saggy breasts, a study was carried out and presented at the American Society of Plastic Surgeons conference held in Baltimore in 2007. The study showed that there was no visible difference in the sagging breasts of mothers who breast-fed their babies and those who formula-fed their babies. This means that the firmness or sagginess of your breasts is determined by pregnancy and not breastfeeding.

Minimize chances

This said, the next option left to you is how to minimize chances of you being left with flabbybreasts after childbirth. It has been confirmed that women who were overweight during pregnancy suffer more from breasts after breastfeeding than those who monitored and maintained an average weight through out pregnancy.

What this means is that prior to getting pregnant, you should try to lose some weight in order to maximize your chances of having firmer breasts even after breastfeeding your baby. Since it has also been confirmed that nicotine absorbed into the body system through smoking can make the skin lose most of its elasticity, it becomes necessary that you quit smoking before and after childbirth in order to reduce your chances of getting sagging boobies.


In conclusion, prior to pregnancy and after pregnancy, always wear properly fitted bras to minimize cases of flabby breasts.

Although age also plays a part in a woman finding herself with sagging breasts, your lifestyle also contributes to a large extent and the earlier you maintain a healthier lifestyle, quit smoking, wear fitted bras and shed some excess weight, the better for you since you may not experience any of the breasts after breastfeeding dilemma.

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