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Saggy Breasts After Weight Loss – Insight and Tips!

Did you just make a success of shedding most of the excess fat in your body? You should be happy but there is just one snag – you are left with saggy breasts after the weight loss. Before we go further, it might interest you to know that when it comes to issues of saggy breasts, the make up of your breasts contributes to the sagging of the breast tissue.

If you are able to determine how and why you came to have sagging breasts after shedding off weight, it gives you an insight on the type or method of handling the weight loss saggy breasts you should go for.

Listed below are only some of the things that would give you insight into how and why you came to have those saggy, flabby breasts after weight loss.

They include but not limited only to:


This is one among the several factors that would help you to understand more about saggy breasts. According to a health resource emanating from Columbia University, Go Ask Alice, there are three fibers that make up the breast tissue. The first one is fat from which the size and shape of your breast is determined. The second is the glands or lobules. They function in the area of producing milk and depending on your hormone level at a given time, they can shrink or expand. The last but not the least is the connective tissue which researches have confirmed gives your breast the much needed support to keep it firm.


It would interest you to know that when it comes to saggy breasts after weight loss, the component of the breasts that determines that to a large extent it the connecting tissue. It is comparable to an elastic band. This means that when you were overweight, this tissue was stretched and when you chose to lose the excess weight, this elastic band shrinks but remains stretched and based on this, your breasts lose their firmness which leads to weight loss saggy breasts.

Surgical options:

When it is finally identified that you have weight loss saggy breasts, it becomes time for you to review the options available to you. Since it is usually not easy for most persons, especially the working mothers who do not have much time on their hand, to reclaim most of the lost tissue that led to sagging breasts, they are faced with the option of a surgical procedure in order to improve the volume and shape of their already saggy breasts. Based on this, it is left to you whether to go for the breast lift which reduces stretched breast tissue or breast implants which increases the volume of your breast.

Before you chose to go for the surgical breast lift method of improving weight loss saggy breasts, it would be wise if you know that gravity can always take effect even after the surgery. What does this mean? It simply means that you may experience ligaments stretch again.

It becomes your discretion either to go for the natural health solutions to sagging breasts which includes but not limited to exercises and the continuous wearing of supportive bras that inhibit the possibility of saggy breasts.

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