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Preparation For Breast Enhancement Surgery

You have decided to undergo breast augmentation to enhance your breasts. Just like any surgery, whether it’s minor or major, you need to prepare your body physically and emotionally to achieve the best results.

Any opening in the body can lead to various complications when not prepared. Augmentation is an uncomplicated procedure and is undergone by several women worldwide.

Here are ways to ready yourself for augmentation.

How To Prepare For Breast Augmentation

  1. The first thing you need to do is visit your doctor and discuss your need for breast enhancement. You doctor will get your history which affects your health and assesses your condition. You’ll then be scheduled for the surgery. Tests are done to check if you’re safe for the procedure. Usually, blood tests, breast ultrasound and mammogram will be taken. For those who have diabetes, blood sugar will be checked.
  2. Days before surgery, exercise can be helpful to your health. This will promote healthy functioning of the lungs, promote good flow to the body which will speed up your recovery process. Exercise also will reduce anxiety if you’re having it. However, the day before surgery, avoid strenuous activity or exercise. Rest this day to allow yourself to recover from the stress you had the previous days.
  3. Unhealthy lifestyle increases the risk for post surgical complications. A week prior surgery, you need to stop smoking and limit your alcohol intake. Especially during the day of procedure, don’t smoke or drink any alcoholic beverage. Smoking can make you develop circulatory problems while alcohol aggravates the effect of anesthesia.
  4. If you’re a busy person at home or at work, you already need to plan how to minimize your obligations. Days or weeks before surgery, you can finish some tasks so that during recovery, you can rest well and focus on caring for your augmented breasts. After surgery, adequate rest is necessary to avoid bleeding and loosening of implant.
  5. The day before surgery, you’re required to do some body preparation. 6-8 hours prior procedure, you need to fast. Intake of food or beverage is not allowed. The night before and the day of the procedure, it’s best to take a bath using antimicrobial shampoo. Wash thoroughly your chest area. This will prevent the risk of infection. Avoid applying any cosmetics like lotion, liniment, oils or makeup after bathing. Your skin should be clean and clear for surgery. Remove nail polish on at least one finger and toe. The doctor will assess your circulation during the procedure in that area.
  6. Think positive all throughout your preparation. Mild anxiety is normal. By expecting a successful result, your chance of success is also high. Trust your doctors for the procedure, do what you’re told to do and you’ll surely be happy with the results.

Here are the necessary preparations you need to do before breast augmentation. These will help you overcome your fears and go through surgery safely and successfully. With your compliance, you’re helping yourself yield the best results.

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