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Overcoming The Breast Enlargement Stigma

We’re all guilty of doing it before – watching a movie or the news, seeing someone with large breasts, and having a laugh at how incompetent or “blonde” they are, even if that is not their real hair colour.

Indeed, the film industry loves to take advantage of the stigma attached to females with big breasts, and the relentless frequency at which these “attacks” are made ensure that the viewer is certainly very aware of the stereotype.

This presents a bit of a problem for those females who have had breast enlargement surgery – or for those who are considering it in the future. Will the same attacks be targeted at them, and what is the level of tolerance for breast enlargement within society?

Societal Opinions on Breast Enlargement

When it comes to society on the whole, breast enlargement is a relatively acceptable cosmetic surgery to undergo – especially for people who had extremely flat breasts to start off with. In this respect, people who increase the size of their breasts to a more “natural” size will certainly not suffer from the stereotypes of breast enlargement.

However, for those who are doing it simply for aesthetic reasons – past the level of “normal” the well known stereotypes definitely come in to play. If this is the case with you – consider the following impacts that your decision could have:

  • Large breasts being a stereotypical precursor to intelligence.
  • Breast size affecting every day activity.
  • Flow on consequences to children or partner.
  • Breast size being a precursor to sexual abuse or derogatory comments.

All of the above things are a possibility for someone who has had a breast enlargement where the outcome makes the breasts bigger than the socially accepted “standard”.

Dealing With Derogatory Comments and Attitudes

The best way to deal with people who are relentless with their attacks – both verbal and psychological – is to completely ignore them. This is easier said than done, but it is a genuinely decent technique to ensure that the perpetrators of these activities do not succeed in their goals of “bringing you down”.

After all, most of the people who will rave and rant about your breast enlargement will be those who are either jealous of not being able to have breasts the same size as yours, or simply because they are afraid of the surgery or the idea of the surgery themselves.

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