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Non Surgical Breast Lift: Exploring Your Options

Sagging breast can throw a major blow to a woman’s confidence in her physical self and most women would prefer to not have this problem. Those women who do have this problem often have very little information regarding their options. As a result, many see their only option as surgery. Thankfully, nothing could be farther from the truth and there are non-surgical options that can be considered.

Non Surgical Breast Lift Options

Non surgical breast lift options are available in several different forms. For example, there are topical creams that can be used, as well as pills and other ingestible options. Of course, general lifestyle is also to be considered. We take a closer look at some of the available options below.

1. The lifestyle option – your breast are what you eat

Your diet an important role in our total health and how our body looks and feels. Generally, it is a good idea to avoid processed foods and stick to fruits, vegetables, lean meats and healthy fats as food sources. A healthy intake of water, vitamins, and other essential minerals is also important.

There are numerous studies showing that consumption of processed sugars and artificial foods and ingredients have been shown to age skin and rid it of its youthful elasticity, firmness, and glow [1].

As such avoiding these can help keep your breasts firmer by virtue of keeping the skin wrinkle and sag-free and in good condition.

2. Going braless

Also marketed with the aim of keeping breasts perky and upright, bras have been shown to do the opposite according to a 15-year French study [2]. Those women who never wore bras were shown to have higher nipples than those women who wore them.

Opting to go braless more often may prove to be a natural way to give you a little more lift than wearing them.

3. Doing the right exercise

Exercises that are designed to build the chest muscles under the breasts are great for providing breasts with that extra needed support. These exercises include chest flys, bench presses and even downward facing dog [3]. Of course, these exercises must be done properly and consistently and coupled with eating well and the other tips included in this article to maximize effectiveness.

4. Topical treatments

Yes, believe it. There are topical non surgical breast lift treatments that when used as directed will give great results as far as making breasts less saggy is concerned. Of course, there are always some at home options including creating masks using ingredients like aloe vera, coconut oil, spirulina and organic olive oil to name a few [4]. Topical treatments do not stop there, however. Options like Total Curve provide women with a complete breast enhancement therapy system they can use for maximum results.

About the Total Curve™ Intensive Daily Breast Enhancement Therapy

The Total Curve™ Intensive Daily Breast Enhancement Therapy program is an all-natural, herbal, breast enhancement system designed to deliver visibly fuller, larger, firmer breasts in as little as 60 days. The system is a two-step one that includes the combination of a daily supplement (taken orally) and a Firming & Lifting Gel with Volufiline™ (applied topically).

total curve non surgical breast lift treatment

While every woman’s body is different, Total Curve’s secret ingredient – Volufiline™ – was shown to increase fullness up to 8.4% in women after 56 days. Additionally, because the product is natural, there are virtually no side effects.

To learn more about this amazing non surgical breast lift product and how you can get your supply, click here to visit the official website.



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