Breast Enhancement Pills And Creams – Do They Really Work?

Information and Reviews About Breast Enhancement Creams and Pills

Natural Breast Growth

Woman have long attached self-worth and sex appeal to the size and shape of their breasts. Many go to great lengths to enhance their bust line, often taking the route of plastic surgery to do so. While plastic surgery can give women the bust size they desire, it can also come with a price both monetary and medically.

Women leave themselves open to the same risks seen with any surgical procedure being performed and have to factor in recovery time as well. Not all women have the money it requires to go the surgical route and have begun looking for other less expensive options for natural breast growth.


Breast augmentation surgery is the most commonly performed procedure regardless of the risks involved. Even knowing the risks, the majority of women will still take the option of putting a foreign object filled with a chemical like silicone in their body to have perfect breasts. However, breast implants are prone to rupture, and women need to consider carefully a procedure that could lead to scarring, infections and impede breast cancer detection. Still, breast augmentation is an option some will choose for the dramatic results seen once the procedure is done.


Puberty sparks the initial growth of female breasts by releasing more estrogen and other hormones into the body. Genetics and heredity also factor in to determine how big or small the bust line will be when all is said and done. However, breast tissue can be dense or fatty and factor into the overall firmness and shape. Women with denser breast tissue usually see more significant changes in their breast size over time versus women with more fatty tissue. Childbirth, nursing, and age eventually take their toll on breasts no matter what size they are.

As women age, the level of estrogen and other hormones that the body produces diminishes, resulting in sagging breasts, and a decrease in breast tissue and size. Hormone replacement therapy for women of a certain age gives back what the body is not producing. Women on these therapies often report an increase in breast size. The science behind natural supplements now available on the market is being modeled after some of the replacement therapies given by doctors. Giving back the estrogen lost can help to keep women feeling more confident about their bust line.

Supplement Options

Increasing estrogen levels using natural supplements and creams can spark a regeneration of breast growth, and with continued use can keep breasts looking their best. There are other options as well that do not require the use of pills or creams but only give short-term results. Suction like devices and hypnosis are also available and are the least invasive approaches to enhancing the breast without hormones or surgery, but for women looking for long-term results this may not be the option to consider.

Women who are looking for a more natural way to increase their breast size are finding more and more options on the market. With these options, it is highly recommended that one does their research before choosing a supplement. Herbal based pills and topical creams offer a more cost effective solution to high priced surgical procedures and can provide proven results. As with any routine that a person starts patience is going to be key. Results will take time and are not going to happen overnight. A woman may try several types of supplements before finding the one that works best for her.

Herbal supplements are a non-invasive approach to growing the size of breasts and changing the firmness and shape of the bust line. Looking at the main ingredients a person needs to make sure that the supplement will not interfere with medications or birth control. Consulting with a doctor women can find a supplement that fits their budget and medical needs. There is no one size fits all pill.

Whether a woman can afford to undergo plastic surgery or not, there are more options today that are less invasive to the body. Many women desire to have either the perky breasts of their youth or just have always wanted to be a larger cup size. Herbal supplements provide the breasts a woman has always desired.

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