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Natural Breast Enlargement Prevents Accidents

Whether due to breast reconstruction or for aesthetic reasons, breast enlargement or augmentation through surgical methods have been known to suffer from various accidents which might be embarrassing or life threatening to the victim. The accidents usually occur right from the doctor’s table during the enlargement procedure to later on in life after several years.

The “on-site” health risks or accidents may include post-operative bleeding which is unexpected, fluid accumulation in the affected areas, incision wound infection, bad reaction to anesthesia, severe breast pain, impeded function of breast feeding, breast tissue thinning, clearly visible wrinkling and many more that are nor suffered through natural breast enlargement.

Long term effects of breast enlargement accidents include silicone-related illnesses may be characterized by symptoms such as weight loss, swelling of the lymph nodes, hair loss, dysfunction of the liver, weakness or loss of strength, skin shedding, breast and nipple inflammation, arthritis pain, stiffness of joints, autoimmune symptoms and muscle pains. The longer the silicone takes in the body, the worse the body feels or sicker the victim gets something that is avoided through the use of natural breast enlargement.

Some of the facts that have been unearthed during the study are:

  • Most silicone implants average 4-5 years before they start leaking or rupture.
  • The silicone companies make the silicone implants with the intention of never removing them once implanted.
  • Leaking or ruptured areas have caused the accumulation of bacteria which cause some of the symptoms experienced.
  • The victims of silicone ruptures experience the same symptoms as those faced by miners, silicosis or presence of silica in the lungs.
  • The toxins in the body spread leading to the emergence of more symptoms.

Some of the symptoms take months or even years to emerge or be noticed which makes it difficult for the victims to know what is going on. When noticed, the solution is for the implants to be removed surgically to stop the further toxification of the body and then a detoxification regime is established to get rid of the silicone in the body.

The rupture or leakage of the implants may be caused by physically intensive activities or impacts such as accidents such as falls. The accidents are wide ranging from the doctor’s table such as the insertion of disproportional implants to later accidents such as leakages.

Taking care of implants or protecting them from damage is stressful in itself and makes one very uneasy as they always worry about the event or occurrence of an accident, especially in a public place, unlike when one uses natural breast enlargement methods.

Before opting for surgical breast enlargement, it is advisable to try out the natural breast enlargement methods  which are free from health accidents or any other side effects that might prove to be life threatening. The accidents also mean the victim has to go back for corrective surgery which means more money being spent, which is extremely expensive and demoralizing.

The use of natural breast enlargement pills cushions one from these unpleasant scenarios and should be considered as the first option before deciding to go with surgery which guarantees immediate results but suffers from too many draw backs.

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