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How to Make Your Breasts Look Young Again?

Factors such as age, pregnancy, breastfeeding, and weight loss take a toll on not only your breasts, but also your body. The breasts of a mother over the age of 40 have seen younger days. Time and circumstances, however, pull you and your young looking breasts down.

How does it feel to have sagging breasts? Most women with larger, pendulum-shaped breasts, especially with nipples turned under feel like they have saggy breasts. While these are only a few examples, people have different body shapes, facial structure, hair and eye color, so some natural differences among breasts must exist. Young, small-breasted celebrities and supermodels with augmented breasts create an illusion of how normal breasts should be, but this example is far from the truth.

Sagging of breasts occur when ligaments and skin surrounding the breasts lose elasticity, just as a worn-out rubber band, and when the ligaments and skin fail to spring back as they used to, you end up with saggy breasts. Sagging breasts can be caused by many factors

Age: This is the main reason for sagging breasts. As you age, your ligaments and skin lose their strength, just as the skin wrinkles and sags, so do breasts.

Large Breasts: Naturally, larger breasts are more likely to start sagging at an early age than smaller breasts. This is because the weight of larger breasts will break down the ligaments meant to provide support at a faster rate.

Weight Loss: Weight loss may result in sagging skin and breasts that fail to quickly snap back into shape.

Pregnancy and Breasts Feeding: Both, especially breastfeeding majorly contribute to sagging breasts, as the breasts significantly change in size during these periods.

How Do You Fight the Sag

You can start fighting the sag the moment you notice your breasts hanging down more than normal. Take steps from a younger age toward preventing them from sagging, as you can begin fighting gravity early. Below are ways to firm up sagging breasts:

  1. Quit Smoking: Smoking ages you and causes wrinkles that affect the elasticity of your skin and ligaments, including those around your breasts.
  2. Hit the Gym: While you may not strengthen the connective tissue of the breasts, you could try firming up their platform on your chest. Exercising builds lean muscle in the chest area, making your breasts appear firmer and giving you a younger look overall.
  3. Have a Healthy Diet Plan: A healthy diet plan, coupled with plenty of fruits and vegetable and fluids like water and juices can nourish your skin and make it appear younger. Studies have shown that Vitamin C affects skin elasticity, so drink plenty of water, orange juice, and take OTC vitamins.
  4. Bra Factor: Ensure that you wear a supportive bra, always. Bouncing of breasts, especially during an exercise can break down the ligaments that offer support to your breasts. Invest in sports bras, as they offer the most support.
  5. Lube Them: Use lotions on a regular basis to keep your skin moisturized and breast-firming creams like Naturaful to firm your breasts. Moisture plumps skin and makes sags and wrinkles less noticeable.

If you are bothered by the appearance of your breasts, there are a number of things you could do to enhance your appearance. For instance, in addition to the mentioned tips, try to wear clothes and push-up bras that enhance your breasts. Some little knowledge of fabric and fashion can be a great asset.

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