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Home Remedies To Get Soft Pink Lips

soft pink lipsSmile is every woman’s best makeup (sorry men!). We all have many concerns about our skin health. While many are behind ways to perfect their hairstyle and get amazing skin, there are also some others who are comfortable with handling skin issues with the best bit of makeup. However, it cannot be denied that flawless makeup needs a good canvas, especially if it is going to be light and for everyday. The best part of makeup is the lovely shade of lipsticks. Sadly, no matter how good the lipstick is, if your lips are chapped, dry and pigmented, your best attractive smile can suffer. Here we have natural home remedies and tips to get soft pink lips. Let’s go to them!

Brush them away

Make this a practice, and it works brilliantly! When you brush your teeth every morning and night, make it a habit to gently massage your lips as well with the bristles. You will notice immediately how bright your lips become! Lips are also made of muscles, but more sensitive ones. The delicate skin on lips can use a bit of massage every day. The gentle movements will make it easier for the remedies to work.

Wipe clean

After you brush your teeth or after a bath, wipe your lips gently using a towel. Post bath your skin will be most delicate, this will help you to remove the dead cells and skin from your lips. If you already have chapped or dry lips, be extremely delicate in order to avoid injury.


Exfoliating lips atleast thrice a week is essential to keep them healthy and pink. Here are ways to exfoliate lips naturally

  • Make a paste with honey, sugar and lemon juice. The active ingredients in lemon juice will work on pigmentation in lips, honey will help to add moisture to lips and sugar will carry out the exfoliation. Leave it on for 5 minutes and wash off with warm water. If lemon juice is too harsh for you on chapped lips, you can use just honey and sugar.
  • 1 teaspoon of coconut oil mixed with sugar can be used as a scrub to gently heal chapped lips. Here, the oil will soothe dry lips and prevent discoloration from the dryness.
  • Olive oil and sugar can also be used, as an alternative for coconut oil. Sugar along with olive oil will work best to remove dead cells and pigmentation from lips. Since olive oil has a molecular composition that is closest to the body’s natural oil, and thus it will help to seal moisture and keep lips supple.
  • In your every day diet, try to include figs, pomegranate and other foods rich in iron to stay away from anemia. A good diet will also ensure that your lips stay healthy and pink.

Follow these simple and effective home remedies to get soft pink lips. Keep lip discolouration at bay, conquer chapped lips and flaunt your best lip glosses and even nude lipsticks. Make healthy, soft and pink lips yours. Do not forget that the key to stay away from dry lips is having moisture around. Get a good lip balm and keep your lips hydrated always.

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