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Herbal Remedies For Breast Enhancement

herbal pillsThere are two methods that women can choose from when it comes to breast enhancement. Breast augmentation is the surgical approach of increasing the bust size among women. Despite the instant desired results that it can provide women, there are risks associated with surgical breast enhancement. In addition, this breast enhancement method is expensive, making it the lesser option of women living on tight budgets.

A safer, less expensive but equally effective breast enhancement method is the utilization of herbal breast enhancement solutions. Herbal plants have been used for many centuries to treat a variety of diseases and maladies. Herbs were also used for aesthetic purposes, some of which were made into concoctions that aim to increase bust size among women.

It is undeniable that a pair of big breasts looks desirable and attractive. It makes women feel empowered, strong, and confident. For centuries, majority of women strive to gain bigger breasts by trying out various breast enhancement solutions; some potent and there are those that bring minimal to no results.

Hundreds of years of experimentation have resulted in a long list of herbal breast enhancement ingredients that are proven to assist women to develop a bigger, firmer, and fuller set of breasts. These herbs come from a variety of plant species but are known to have the same mechanism of action and that is to stimulate breast tissue growth and production.

Further, these herbal breast enhancement ingredients are known to be safer alternatives to invasive breast enlargement procedures. In fact the FDA gave GRAS classification (Generally Recommended as Safe) to a handful of herbal supplements since they carry no risks in women who take them regularly.

In addition to the safe quality of herbal breast enhancement ingredients, they are also known to be potent when taken at the right dosages. The efficacy of natural breast enlargement pills, creams, and gels that are out in the market today is due to the fact that manufacturers combine a variety of these herbs on their products.

It should be noted that although this practice enhances their action, the right concentration or dosage makes them truly effective and potent. With this in mind, women who are seriously looking into trying them out should identify these herbs’ ideal levels.

Aside from their breast enhancing action, these herbs are also known to offer other desirable benefits to women. Phytoestrogen is the common element that makes the increase in cup size possible. This compound mimics the function of estrogen in breast tissues.

A healthy dose of phytoestrogens in the bloodstream signals the body to produce more breast tissues, thus resulting in bigger and fuller breasts.

In addition, these estrogen-like substances also deliver the following healthful perks:

  • Blood sugar regulation
  • Treat menopausal symptoms
  • Decrease unwanted PMS
  • Positive ingredient in hormone replacement therapy
  • Main ingredient in breast cancer drugs

All these additional benefits further encourage women to take herbal breast enhancers. Given that there is minimal to no side effects in the intake and utilization of these products, more women are inspired and motivated to take a stab at using them on the long haul.

Herbal breast enhancement solutions come in a variety of forms. Herbal breast enhancement in pill form is the most convenient since all a woman needs to do is take them via the oral route. There are also natural breast enhancement solutions that come in gel or cream form. These solutions are applied and massaged onto the breasts.

They enter the bloodstream easily, thus providing faster results than pills. There are even companies that were able to utilize natural breast enhancers and develop them into gums. They are clearly edible and are known to be more potent than the standard breast enhancement pill.
Whichever product you choose to try out, remember to only use them at the right dosage.

Remember that too much of something is bad enough; and this definitely true when using breast enlarging supplements as well. If unwanted signs and symptoms appear, a woman is advised to seek the help of a medical doctor to assess and evaluate your condition.

The most popular herbal breast ingredients are listed below. Take note that these herbs have been used for many centuries and are highly documented to feature safe, breast enlarging qualities.

Although there are limited scientific studies that prove their efficacy in breast tissue growth and production, it should be noted that they have been used as traditional folk remedies for a variety of female-related conditions including small, sagging breasts and lactation issues.

They may not provide substantial breast increase that surgery provides, but the results are natural, adequate, and satisfactory according to thousands of female consumers. Before considering surgical breast augmentation, it is rFenugreekecommended that these herbal breast enhancement products are first utilized.

  • Fenugreek – Contains high concentration of phytoestrogens and is an excellent hormone regulator as well
  • Saw palmetto – Aside from its natural breast enhancing effect, it is also used as a powerful sexual stimulant
  • FennelFennel – Is enriched with flavanoids that stimulate growth of small breasts
  • Dong Quai – Facilitates breast tissue growth and decreases the unwanted symptoms brought about by menopause
  • Blessed Thistle – Aside from its breast tissue stimulating effect, blessed thistle is known to treat common problems of women such as menstrual cramps, mood swings, and menopausal symptoms

Other herbal ingredients that are known for their estrogenic action are:

  • Dandelion root
  • Watercress leafPuerariaMirifica
  • Mexican wild yam
  • Mother’s wort
  • Black cohosh
  • Alfalfa extract
  • Avena sativa
  • Red clover
  • Pueraria mirifica
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