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Guiding You Towards A Pleasing Breast Enlargement Surgery

Before undergoing any procedure you need also to be aware of necessary information related to it. Preparations are needed for the procedure to be successful. With breast enhancement surgery, you need to prepare your body, health and condition. It’s a permanent and invasive surgery and you might end up full of regrets if you’re not ready.

Here are guidelines to help you go through breast enlargement pre, during and post surgery.

Your Simple Guide To Breast Enlargement Surgery

  • The thought of breast enhancement or augmentation starts when you’re not comfortable and satisfied with your own breasts. Either you don’t like their shape or they’re just too small. Deciding to have surgery is a tough decision. Compared to other breast enlarging means, surgery is permanent and provides faster results.
  • Before submitting yourself for surgery, you must be in a healthy state, with no current illness or infection. You should quit smoking and drinking alcoholic beverages at least a week before the procedure to avoid your risk of complications.
  • Upon your first visit to the doctor, history taking, assessments and diagnostic tests will be done to determine your physical eligibility. You’ll be explained with the procedure, the necessary actions to do and what to expect after. Once you’re cleared for enhancement, you can decide the characteristics of breasts you want to have.
  • Now, you’re ready to make decisions on the type of breasts you want to have. Decide which type of implant you want to have, silicone or saline. Each has its own advantage. If you want a more natural feel of the breasts, then you go for silicone. If you prefer a small incision, saline implant is your best option.
  • Now, you’re on the shape of the breasts. You can choose between two shapes: round or teardrop. If you’d love your breasts to look very full like those sexy bikini models, round shaped-breasts are the ones to choose. These produce an instant lift and create a deep cleavage. But if you want them to be in a naturally conical shaped, then choose teardrop.
  • You’ll be excited to decide the cup size you want. A guide in choosing the cup size is to base it in your body frame to create the right proportion. The cup size you relay to your surgeon will prompt him the volume to fill the implant.
  • The surgery has come to an end and you’re happy to the breasts you’ve chosen. Now, the problems post-surgery arise. You need to deal with the pain, swelling and scarring. There are pain medications to control the discomfort of surgery. Scars will eventually disappear after a year. You can make use of scar cream to minimize its appearance.
  • Take care of your new breasts and prevent them from trauma or injury to prevent implant leakage.

Surely, you’ll find satisfaction and happiness with your newly enhanced breasts. What you paid for and undergone are all worth it when you attained what you totally desired for.

Make surgery a pleasing experience for you with these tips.

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