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Free Breast Augmentation Surgery

If you are researching breast augmentation surgery then you will no doubt run across rumors around the internet concerning free breast augmentation surgery that is available from various places. We have seen these mentioned on websites and social hangouts over the last 12 months so we decided to do some investigation into the subject and see if you could indeed find a deal that would give you free breast implants.

Does Free Breast Augmentation Exist?

Free Breast AugmentationWell we fired up the Google box and started researching the subject and we found a number of references to women who had obtained free breast implants. The validity of these references is another thing altogether but we were able to find a few sources of free breast augmentation surgery that appeared to be legitimate. We are NOT saying that it is but to the best that we could determine they do exist.

One of the sources of free breast implants that came to light quite often was radio personality Howard Stern who apparently routinely gives away free breast augmentation surgery to women who are willing to come on his show and entertain his audience.

If you are not familiar with the Howard Stern show, then you should know that these implants wouldn’t come easily. You will only receive the free surgery if you are willing to perform crazy acts on his show. We won’t detail any of those that we found but needless to say, you might be more inclined to pay for your own implants rather than go on that show.

My Free Breast Implants

We also came across a number of references to a website that is called My Free Implants that allows women to possibly obtain free breast augmentation surgery from benefactors on the website. We’re not sure if the site is on the up and up or legitimate but we found several testimonials of women who claimed success.

The basic premise of the site appears to be this, women can sign up for the site where men and women congregate online and basically try to make friends with male benefactors of the site. These men sign up for the site under the premise that they can make donations to their favorite women to contribute to their breast implant fund. This sounds kind of far fetched and we would tread lightly here and be extremely careful as we found several testimonials that stated the men expect nude pictures and pornographic type activity in order to make contributions.

If this sounds like something you would consider then you can check it out for yourself but in our opinion, this is probably a very tough way to acquire your breast implants.

Breast Augmentation Financing

The best alternative that we could find didn’t involve free breast implants but rather involved some very attractive financing packages for your breast implants. Many surgeons and doctors offices can point you in the right direction to get you some reasonable financing rates that will allow you to make smaller payments over time and afford your breast implants that way. This would be much more attractive than trying to write a check for several thousand dollars all at once if you don’t have the money.

Your credit rating and income will obviously come into play when you are trying to finance your breast implants. The better your credit and pay history then the better deal you will be able to attract to finance your surgery. In many cases we have seen financing that gives you an interest free period where you may be able to raise enough money before this time period runs out to not pay any interest at all.


In our opinion, if you are looking for free breast augmentation surgery then you are going to be disappointed. There are possibilities out there but they are going to be difficult to find and take advantage of and there will definitely be a ton of competition for any free offers that might exist.

You are much more likely to be able to find a decent financing deal for your surgery and take advantage of that than to find a pair for free. We would caution you to tread lightly and don’t get so wrapped up in acquiring your breast implants that you compromise your integrity or your principles.

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