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Follow These Body Skin Care Tips

body skincare tipsThese days men want body skin care nearly as much as women do, and so a whole selection of products have appeared for both sexes. However the same basic principles apply that work on everyone, male or female, young or old. Our skin is actually the biggest organ in our bodies, and is the first defense against many things in the wider world, so the better we look after it, the longer its benefits will apply.

We also want to use body skin care so that we not only look good, but also feel good within ourselves. By ensuring our appearance is in excellent condition we not only put ourselves in a more positive mood, but other people notice our glowing and clean skin.

As we age our skin becomes less flexible, and so starts to sag as gravity pulls on it, this is what produces many of the lines on our face, but it is also caused by the clumping of fat. These problems can start to arise even in people who are in their twenties, especially if they consume alcohol and smoke. Although these problems are reversible to a certain extent with surgery, there are plenty of none surgical things that can be done.

Tips On Body Skin Care

  • Always wash your skin properly, and preferably use soap that includes moisturizer. If you have pimples and blackheads then use a scrub first to take off the dead skin and as much dirt and bacteria as possible. Do not go spending a fortune on expensive products as research has shown that most do not give any better results than the more mid-priced items. Never use antibacterial or deodorants soap on your face.
  • Carry a decent skin moisturizer around with you to apply every few hours as our skin can dry out during the day, and if your environment has 50% or less humidity then apply it more often. Do not use any scented ones though. If you have acne or suffer from blocked pores then ask the local pharmacy for a non-comedogenic moisturizer.
  • If the sun is out then always wear sunscreen, and it has to be a high factor for both UVA and UVB, if it does not cover both of these then you are still getting damage at a cellular level. Again, do not use the scented kind but you can use ones with moisturizer. If you can, stay out of the sun during the time of day that it is high in the sky, and wear a hat or use an umbrella if you do need to go out.
  • A good skin massage can bring out that inner glow as it gets the blood flowing throughout all levels of the skin with helps bring it both oxygen and nutrients. You can purchase hand held machines to use on your face these days for self-massaging. Looking after your skin only takes a few minutes each day, and the younger you start doing it, the better you will look as you age.
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