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Fitness Training Without Affecting Breast Size

fitness training without affecting breast sizeOne of the biggest misconceptions that have been built around fitness training is that it affects the size of a woman’s breasts. This is promoted by the adverts that are all over the media of women who have been to fitness training. They are normally broadcasted to be having wide chests and flat breasts. This is however a statement that is not true. This makes most women cross off fitness training from their to do list they have.

One important and basic fact one must understand in order for one to know that fitness training does not affect the size of breasts is the structure of the breast. Breasts are made up of tissues, fat, glands and ligaments components that cannot be changed due to fitness training. Breasts do not have muscles or bones which are what can be affected during fitness training.

What changes during fitness training is the pectoral muscles in the chest. The training tones them making them appear firmer. These bring about the changes that are then recognizable. Pectoral muscles in your chest are located just below the breasts thus the appearance since when they get toned they lift up the breasts. When one goes for fitness training, its purpose is too reduce the fat in your body and to tone your muscles not reduce the fat in your breasts. Therefore one should not be worried about fitness training bringing about changes in your breast size. No direct effects can be associated.

Another belief that has been passed around by most women is that fitness training makes your breast size bigger. As explained above, when one goes through fitness training, they work on their pectoral muscles making them firmer and much more toned. This toning brings about an illusion of larger breast since the toning of the pectoral muscles causes your breasts to be lifted. This causes breasts to be bigger and perkier. This should however not be a cause for alarm as I am certain no one wants saggy breasts. One thing you must always remember is that fitness training will definitely not bring about change in the size of your breasts. Breast size reduction or increase is heavily dependent on a person’s gain or loss of weight.

Why Do Female Bodybuilders Have Flat Breasts?

There is still the fact that many female bodybuilders have flat breasts. This must still be a nagging question in your head, why do many female body builders have flat breasts and broad chests. This is heavily portrayed when there are advertisements and programs on the media about fitness training and is a contributing factor to many women’s fear of fitness training. Many of these female bodybuilders have flat breasts and broad chests due to the fact that they do extreme workouts. Some of them even use supplements to build their muscles bringing about these dramatic changes. If one decides to follow the routine set out for you by your personal fitness trainer diligently you will definitely not end up like these women but have a good fit and great body size.

How to Avoid Changes?

There are numerous ways and techniques one can use in order to avoid dramatic changes. There is a large chance that fitness training will affect your body size and lead to a reduction in the amount of fat contained in your body. A healthy woman should have a body fat content percentage of about 12%. There are various adverse effects if the percentage is below that. If the percentage falls below 12%, your breast size will most probably reduce and if its above 12%, the breast size will without doubt increase. You always have to strive to maintain that average amount of fat a task that is difficult to achieve. It can be achieved in the following ways; -you should always maintain a healthy fat level but ensure that the calorie intake in still within the recommended standards. By any chance if you continue with the diet you currently follow or reduce the amount eaten, it may lead to building up on muscles which brings about breast size reduction due to the reduction in the amount of fats in the body. The diet you decide to keep is an important factor in determining your breast size.

After all this and you decide to go for fitness training, your breasts may become firmer. However their appearance may not be of big change but this can be remedied using a firming cream such as Brestrogen.

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