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FAQ’s Regarding Natural Breast Enhancement

Daily I get questions regarding natural breast enhancent products so I decided to make a list of the most asked questions. I hope you will find this list helpful.

1. Is it okay to drink caffeine and carbonated drinks once I’ve obtained the results I want?

  • Yes! However it is important to stop using caffeine and carbonated drinks while taking herbal supplements as they will counteract the herbs making them useless.

2. I am pregnant, can I use herbal breast enhancement pills?

  • NO! Do not use this product while you are pregnant, you risk harming your baby. Wait until your pregnancy is finished and you have stopped nursing.

3. I am taking some medications right now, can I take breast enhancement pills as well?

  • We recommend that you talk to your doctor or pharmacist and inform them of the herbs in the pill and the medications you are taking before you start the breast enhancement procedure.

4. Is diet important while I am taking this breast enlargement product?

  • It is really important to eat a well balanced and healthy diet especially for growth of new tissues. The body needs the nourishment of wholesome foods so that it can gain strength and have the ability to produce healthy new cells and tissues.

5. Can smoking affect how well the product will work?

  • Definitely! Smoking is a very unhealthy habit and causes the blood vessels to constrict resulting in the body to become unable to absorb nutrients.

6. I am a very active person and do not like to gain weight, will the product cause me to gain unwanted pounds?

  • No, the herbs selected in these breast enhancement products are to promote breast tissue growth only and will not affect your weight. Keep exercising and doing the things you love to keep fit!

7. I do not have an issue with my breast size, but do want to get back the fullness and firmness I once had. Will a breast enhancement product help me to do this without adding too much growth?

  • Yes! Breasts usually lose density and shape as we have children or get older. Using a product like Total Curve will help to get back the firmness and fullness you once had.

8. Will I experience any side effects?

  • The products mentioned on our site contains all natural herbal ingredients therefore you should not experience any side effects. If you do have any concerns or questions please consult your physician or pharmacist.

9. How long do I have to take this supplement before I start seeing results?

  • Most women who use these products see results within 2-3 months. Results may vary between people since metabolic rates and body chemistry differ.

10. Are the results permanent?

  • The growth progress will stop when you stop using the breast enhancement product. Some slight reductions in size may occur when you first stop but the primary results will remain. If you want to continue the growth process it is recommended that you continue to take the supplement until the desired size is achieved.

11. Can these breast enhancement products encourage to grow breast cancer cells?

  • No in no way will the products I mention on my blog encourage breast cancer. It’s 100% safe and here is why…the way it works is these products  contains a series of natural safe phytoestrogens that mimic the action of estrogen to increase overall breast volume. Even better there are no side effects at all and it’s proven to work.
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