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Exercise Tips for Well-Endowed Women

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Many women are worried that enhancing their breast size will impact their ability to exercise. Running in particular can be considered a challenge due to the high impact of this form of exercise. However, any discomfort can be eliminated by following a few simple rules and simple tricks. Furthermore, certain exercises can lift your breasts, making them appear rounder and firmer.

Buy a Good Sports Bra

A good sports bra can be expensive but it is certainly worth the money. It will allow you to perform any type of exercise while covering up your breasts and preventing excessive bouncing and pain. Certain brands cater to women with larger breasts and are made with comfort in mind. A good sports bra is also essential to avoid damage to the internal breast tissue, which is delicate and can be damaged by the major movement of your breasts during a particularly heavy workout.

Look for a bra with separate cups, preferably, and a band that is quite snug around your chest: this will stop it from sliding around without cutting into your skin. Also try to find one which is appropriate for the kind of activity you want to take part in; a yoga bra will be different from a high support running bra!

Change Your Diet

Studies have shown that breast pain can actually be linked to diet rather than size and sometimes dietary changes are sufficient to eliminate breast pain. Eliminating caffeine from your diet may aid in the reduction of breast pain, although it may take a few months before feeling a difference. Remember that caffeine is not only found in coffee but also in tea, coke, chocolate, other drinks and also some over the counter drugs.

A low fat diet is also ideal as it helps to reduce estrogen levels, which have also been linked to breast pain. A cleansing, low fat diet which calls for the consumption of whole grain foods is an excellent choice. Avoid consuming processed low fat foods, as these are usually loaded with sugar. It can be helpful to keep a food log in order to identify and successively eliminate problematic foods.

Focus on Certain Muscle Groups

The extra (but very welcome!) weight on your upper torso means that you need strong abs and a strong back to support it. Focus on these muscle groups during your workouts to prevent back pain by doing exercises such as elbow planks or other back strengthening moves. Try exercises such as yoga or Pilates for proper posture, or swimming, which will support your breasts instead of causing pain. The possibilities are endless.

By following these tips, you will be able to enjoy exercise and your larger breasts to the fullest.

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