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Effective Methods for Breast Enlargement without Surgery

For a woman, the perfect breast size is  associated with beauty. If a woman thinks that her breast size is small, it will seriously affect her self-esteem and sense of security. This is when she tries to enhance her breast size. When it comes to breast enlargement, most of us think only about breast augmentation surgery.  Yet, women all over the world have achieved breast enlargement without surgery for. These methods of achieving breast enlargement without surgery are all natural and do not cause any side effects like surgery. Moreover, they also cost less than breast augmantation  surgeries. Here are some of the most widely used methods for non-surgical breast enlargement.

Creams and natural supplements

The most widely used and successful methods for enlarging  breasts without surgery are various creams and other natural supplements. These creams and supplements can be purchased from any store, as they are mostly over the counter drugs. These creams work by stimulating the estrogen production in a woman’s body. It is one of the safest methods for breast enhancement. You will achieve very good results in a short amount of time without any kind of adverse side-effects, even after extended use. Moreover, they are very convenient to use as you can carry them with you at all times wherever you go. Another benefit is the cost. Unlike  breast enlargement surgery, these creams cost very little.

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Yoga and other exercises

Although most people do not believe that simple exercise routines can enlarge the breast size, it is one of the most effective and natural methods for breast enlargement. Yoga and other specialized exercise routines can increase the blood flow in the connective tissues of the breasts. This stimulates cell growth and can enlarge the breast size significantly.

This is completely safe and does not pose any threat to the person regardless of her age, body shape and weight. Moreover, these exercise routines are excellent for improving the heart function and losing some calories. The best thing about this method is that it will cost you absolutely nothing.

Dietary habit

Diet can also be a method for achieving breast enlargement without having to go under the surgeon’s knife. The first step is to identify foods that do not lower the estrogen level of your body. Fruits such as dates, cherries, apples and pomegranates are excellent for this as they do not mess with your body’s estrogen level. You should completely avoid refined foods such as sugar and other foods that have added preservatives.

The second step is to find out the foods that increase the Testosterone level in your body. One of the main reasons for having small breasts is a high level of testosterone. The foods that generally boost the production of testosterone are beef, seafood, like oysters, cauliflower, and broccoli. Many women do not know about these foods and unintentionally sabotage their breast growth. So, avoid these foods if you are trying to achieve breast enlargement without any kind of surgery.

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