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It is safe to say that women are increasingly making use of available breast enhancement options. For example, recent statistics suggests that breast augmentation surgeries are the leading cosmetic procedures in the United States.  Numbers from 2007 alone show that as many as 397,330 surgical breast enhancement procedures were done.

It is true that most women desire to have healthy, full and perky breasts. They perceive them as more attractive and becoming of the feminine form. Having fuller, attractive, and more feminine breasts is likely to boost their confidence and add significantly to the development of a positive self-image. It is not surprising therefore that women will therefore make use of procedures and options to enhance the look and feel of their breasts.

Of course, this begs the questions as to whether or not surgeries are the only viable options. Thankfully, the answer is a vehement no. There are several other options that women can pursue in an effort to improve their breasts.

Surgical and nonsurgical breast enhancement options

Breast enhancement option typically fall into one of two categories — surgical or non-surgical. Surgical options include breast implants and stem cell fat transfer, while nonsurgical options include breast enlargement pumps, padded bras and natural breast enhancement options. Some of these options are effective to varying degrees, with some being more effective than others.

Of the surgical procedures, breast implants are by far the most popular and expensive choice in the United States, costing between US$2,500.00 and US$5,000.00 per procedure. Yet, breast implants are not a permanent solution, and are likely to lead to ongoing health issues including: soreness, not being able to breastfeed and difficulty detecting breast cancer. Additionally, the idea of going under the knife is not the most appealing thing in the world.

Natural breast enhancement: your best bet

Of the nonsurgical enhancement options, natural products are your best bet when compared with the alternative of padded bras and breast pumps. They are a host of different natural products and regimes designed boost the look feel and attractiveness of a woman’s bust.

These systems take a multiplatform approach that combines taking a daily supplement with topically applying a gel and starting an exercise regimen. The products such as the daily supplement and topical gel uses herbals, hormone balancers and a host of different nutrients to help balance the natural hormones in the body, promoting breast and overall health.

Natural enhancement products contain several natural ingredients, including the active ingredient phytoestrogens (a plant-based ingredient that naturally mimics the behavior of the female hormone estrogen in the woman’s body — increasing the amount of, tightening and lifting breast tissues) and Volufiline (which contains sarsasapogenin that stimulates lipogenesis, causing the breasts’ fatty tissues to increase in both volume and size).

Volufiline, in recent studies where women aged 18-35 would apply Vollufiline to one breast only twice a day for 60 days, found that on days 28 and 56 respectively there was an increase of 6.6% and 8.4% growth.

Women who opt to use natural treatments should also look for systems with supplements containing ingredients such as buckwheat and damiana leaves, as well as watercress as is the case with The Total Curve 2-Step Breast Enhancement Therapy system.

Making the right choice

Finally, natural enhancement products prove that women need not go to unhealthy extremes (such as cutting themselves open with surgery) to get a great and healthy looking pair of breasts. There are systems such as Total Curve that are designed to work with the body to help them get the results they desire, healthily and safely.

Although the choice is as a personal women, the better choice is clear. Women should opt for natural breast enhancement options.

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