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How To Dress For Your Breast Size

How to How to Dress for Your Breast SizeEvery woman has a specific breast size and should always know how to dress it. Most fashion magazines may give you advice on how to stock your wardrobe but they have no idea what your breast size is thus may not give you the best advice. Every fashionista puts some clothes on a rack or on a model and they most probably will look fabulous on them. However, you should ask yourself, will it look good on me? Does it flatter my body and make me look more beautiful?

As such, it is quite common to find women who dress to look like others. Since there are many factors at play, among them the size of one’s breasts, it is an illusion to wear that others look nice in hoping to achieve the same effect. Therefore, there are a few tips to consider before you decide which is the best way to dress according to the size of your breasts. Read on to discover more.

There are many factors dictating what kind of clothes one should wear including; -the body shape, a personal taste and preference, breast size and a person’s unique features. I am certain most women have a hard time dressing themselves due to their breast size. This is mainly due to the fact that most women are not blessed with full breasts that are perky. One important fact when dressing your body is that you never should hide them, whether they are small or large. You should always wear clothes that bring out the best in you.

Women with small breasts are generally considered to have pear-shaped bodies a feat that is attractive to many men. They are much fuller on the hips and the butt. Their main task when dressing is to bring attention to their breasts.

This can be done in many different ways and styles including;-

Using belts

When trying to bring about this illusion, ensure you have mastered this trick well. Wear belts just a few inches below your breasts making them appear bigger and fuller. It creates an illusion of breasts. The belts are more preferably worn with full flowing tops or dresses.

By the use of print and fabric

There are many choices one can decide on to bring more effect and an illusion of breasts to their tops. This can be via the use of ruffled sleeves, a colorful print or even a scarf. The bottom should however be a less flattering colour thus bringing attention to the top part of your body.

Showing off their assets

What other assets can be projected on the top part of the body, the shoulders or even one’s neck are as good as any to draw attention from the bottom part. One can wear off-the-shoulder tops or even tank tops in a bid to make them look more appealing at the top part of their bodies.

Gathered blouses

If a top is gathered at the waist your eye is drawn to your top so this is a yes for all small breasted women.

Necklines and necklaces

Look for all those necklines and necklaces that draw attention to your chest. A weirdly shaped neck and even a plunging neckline can do the trick.

For women who have been blesses with full breasts, they have a pretty difficult time drawing attention away from their breasts. They also come across another problem of sagging breasts making their feat even harder to dress. The sagging breasts can be fixed using a good bra or a breast cream. Here are some options they could consider; –

Use of solid colors

Bright colors tend to draw attention to a person. Therefore you should consider stocking your wardrobe with dull colored clothes as they tend to make your breasts appear smaller.

Try to wear high necklines

You should fill your wardrobe with turtle necks and high necklines for the simple fact that they make your neck appear longer taking away attention from your chest.

Gathered blouses

If you wear a gathered blouse, it is very hard for one to know what is underneath it. This is therefore a good way to draw attention away from your breasts.

Whether you are small-breasted or full-breasted, dressing one’s body is a huge task. You shouls always understand it before dressing it. Dressing as per your breast size is tedious and takes a huge amount of practice before you master is so do not be afraid to try. Ensure that you always choose clothes that bring out the best in you.

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