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Disadvantages Of Breast Implants

Many women are unhappy with the appearance on their breasts, and they may seek to receive breast implants to make themselves feel more attractive. While some women receive breasts implants that look great and have no ill effects, many women are not as lucky. There are several real disadvantages of breast implants all women should be aware of.

Cosmetic Disadvantages of Breast Implants

Breast implants simply do not look or feel like natural breasts. Often, breast implants will not move with the body, and they may remain unnaturally stationary during activities like running, jumping or even when lying in bed. Breast implants also often feel much stiffer and artificial than real breast tissue.

totalcurve_125x125It is difficult for some women to receive especially large implants. This is due to the fact that they may simply not have enough skin available to properly cover the extra surface area of large breasts. Women who choose breast implants that are too large often have very stiff, tight skin on their chests that looks unnatural.

All breast implant surgeries leave some type of scar on a woman’s body. The exact location of the incision determines how visible scarring will be, and some scars fade until they are almost invisible. Other women are left with prominent scarring after their surgeries that becomes a permanent mark on their bodies. The prospect of scarring is enough to deter many women from receiving breast implants.

Health and Financial Disadvantages of Breast Implants?

Women with breast implants must take the time to massage them several times each day. Failure to do so can result in very hard, stiff implants that feel uncomfortable and look unnatural. Implants can also become unpleasantly firm in cold environments.

Breast augmentation surgery is very costly and not often covered by insurance plans. Implant surgeries can cost tens of thousands of dollars, and implants must be replaced at least once every ten years. The large upfront cost and lifetime of maintenance can deter many women from seeking implants. In many cases, women must take out personal loans or use multiple credit cards to finance breast augmentation surgery. Some clinics will offer payment plans, but the financial burden is a huge disadvantage of breast implants.

In many cases, the body creates scar tissue around the incision lines or implants. This can make hard, painful lumps in the breast or look very unattractive. In some extreme cases, the body may reject the implants altogether. When this happens, the implants must be removed permanently, which means more surgery and more scarring.

Any woman who is considering receiving breast implants should be aware of all of the risks and disadvantages involved. Receiving breast augmentation surgery is very expensive and can cause permanent scarring on the breasts. Artificial breasts also feel stiff and unnatural, and they require regular maintenance to keep them soft and comfortable. In addition, implants only last for approximately ten years, after which time they must be replaced. It is important to weigh the pros and cons of breast implants before making a decision.

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