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Creating A Sugar Facial Scrub!

Sugar Facial ScrubAnybody who has ever used a sugar facial scrub can understand the need for some new recipes: the ingredients are always cheap, easy to find, and great for the entire body.

A matter of fact, as soon as you wash your face with one of these rejuvenating concoctions, the rest of your body will seem so rough in comparison that you’ll feel the need to use the mixture on every joint or dry patch!

None of these recipes take more than five minutes to prepare, but your skin will thank you all day long.

Simply Sugar

This is the quick and easy solution for those who are new to the idea of a sugar facial scrub. Actually, this little mix only requires two readily available ingredients: ½ cup of sugar, and enough organic olive oil to dampen the solution for easy application. Although this technique has been widely used for centuries, it has become relatively forgotten as many traditions are replaced by manufactured products. This simple little formula will improve skin clarity, stimulate the glandular system, and make the skin extremely touchable and soft. Many people shy away from the idea of apply oils to the face, but cold-pressed olive oil has been used for more than 3,000 years as a basic moisturizer and shouldn’t affect most skin types as long as the face is properly rinsed afterwards.

Oat and Brown Sugar

This sugar facial scrub mix is recommended for all skin types, but those with acne should certainly consult a dermatologist before trying. All that is required is 1 cup organic brown sugar, 1 cup fair-trade white sugar, ¾ almond base oil, 2 teaspoons powdered ginger, 2 teaspoons powdered nutmeg, 40 drops of cardamom essential oil, and cinnamon to aromatic desire. This facial scrub recipe is equally delightful for both men and women, offering the skin delicious moisture and softness all over. The ginger helps to reduce the appearance of age spots and greatly contributes to a healthy skin tone, while the nutmeg helps polish the skin and remove blackheads.

Beautiful Banana Body Scrub

The banana body scrub doesn’t need many ingredients because of the power of the bananas alone. These yummy yellow fruits tighten the skin while providing gentle moisturizing and exfoliation. Simply combine one ripe banana with three tablespoons of fair-trade granulated sugar to create a simple and great smelling scrub that offers all the luxury of an expensive body wash. Make sure that all of the above recipes are rinsed off thoroughly, because sugar can get a little sticky!

If you looking for some really awesome beauty tips for face, a sugar facial scrub is the perfect solution for many people who only achieve limited results with commercial brands – the majority of which only work for a while until the face begins secreting even more oil, or reacts by becoming irritatingly dry. This is because these products, no matter how “gentle” they claim to be, contain synthetic materials that confuse our pores. Fortunately, there is a DIY solution to save the day and once you’ve experienced the baby-softness of sugar scrubbed skin, you’ll never buy an expensive cream or mask ever again!

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