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What You Can Expect After Breast Surgery

Breast surgery is a relatively common process. You should know however, that each person recovers from surgery differently. This article will help you understand what you can expect in the days and weeks following your breast surgery.

You should know it may take several weeks before your breasts completely heal after surgery. Many women’s breasts may appear larger than they expected initially following surgery, but swelling will subside with time and proper care. Here are some other things to expect after your surgery.

Feeling Normal After Breast Surgery

It takes most women a few weeks before they start to feel normal again following surgery. Most women will feel some discomfort, and perhaps a little emotional in the first few days following breast surgery. This is normal.

Immediately following your breast surgery, you will notice your breasts appear bruised and feel very sore. Some women experience tingling or burning in the areas where the incision was placed or around their nipples. This often goes away within a couple of weeks.

If your surgeon used stitches to close your incision, you will have these removed by 10 days after surgery.

Swelling takes much longer to go away. Most women’s breasts remain swollen for up to five weeks after they have surgery. It is very important you relax during this time and do not feel upset. Most women’s breasts look very high following surgery, but drop as the swelling goes down so they do start looking normal again.

If you do feel concerned about the look of your breasts, be sure you mention this to your doctor.

Here are some other things you can expect following breast surgery:

  • You may notice your breasts are more sensitive than usually for a few weeks following surgery. You may want to avoid touching sensitive areas including the nipples until this feeling fades.
  • Your breasts will remain sore for a few days to a couple of weeks, but once they are no longer sore you and your partner can enjoy them fully. Most doctors recommend you massage the breasts to help them remain soft after surgery.
  • Most scars from an incision remain very obvious for as long as two months following surgery. They do fade after some time however, although the usually do not go away completely. The good news is most doctors make very tiny incisions when performing surgery, so chances are high no one will notice but you.

Enjoying Your Breasts

Once the pain, swelling and bruising subsides, most women find they are filled with a new sense of radiance, youth and exhilaration following their surgery. Having breast augmentation can make a significant difference in your life.

Make some time to shop for new clothing and bras that augment and show off your new figure. Many women feel proud, happy and confident following surgery. This for many is the start of a new stage in their lives. You might as well enjoy this time and revel in it.

Keep in mind you should always follow up with your doctor after surgery. Some doctors will want you to visit them after several months to make sure your breasts heal properly. You will also still need to perform monthly breast exams and have mammograms when appropriate.

Some women notice others express disdain about breast augmentation surgery. If you find some people uncomfortable with your new look, remember that any cosmetic surgery is a personal one, and the only opinion that matters is yours. You do not owe an explanation to anyone as to why you have surgery or your reasons for wanting surgery. Have fun. Make sure you do what you feel is right, and what makes you happy.

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