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Breast Tenderness Before Period

You may have some questions regarding breast tenderness causes that happens right before your period. Below I have provided answers to some of the most commonly asked questions.

Does breast tenderness mean you might be expecting?

breast tenderness before periodFor a lot of women, they may notice breast tenderness causes well before a menstrual cycle is missed or any other indication of pregnancy. A woman’s breasts may feel tender when she touches them and putting on undergarments such as bras and supportive tank tops can lead to instances of discomfort.

Seeing as how breast tenderness is usually a sign of a coming menstrual cycle, many women will overlook it as being a sign of pregnancy. If that is the case than a woman is likely to engage in the same activities she always has such as exercising or walking up long flights of stairs.

So the final answer would be yes, breast tenderness before period can be because of pregnancy.

What are the reasons for breast tenderness before period?

Your body is going through a multitude of different changes if you are pregnant. Your breasts are preparing themselves to feed your baby once it is born. It is breast growth and development that leads to swelling and instances of soreness.

You may also have heightened progesterone and estrogen levels, which can cause blood to rush to the breasts.

Milk ducts and milk producing cells are forming in your breasts. Because of this breast tissues are growing and constantly altering their shape. All of this can cause breast tenderness and pain.

How you can deal with breast tenderness before period?

If you are having breast tenderness before period there are a few ways you can deal with the situation in order to minimize any discomfort you might feel.

  • For starters you can wear undergarments that are comprised of natural fiber.

Natural fiber will not feel uncomfortable against the skin. You can also make sure any undergarments you wear are made to fit you personally.

You will want to avoid undergarments that have underwire, because if you bend or twist in certain positions it can cause discomfort.

  • If you decide you want to continue engaging in activities such as exercise make sure the bra you are wearing is extra supportive.
  • Consider soaking in a warm bath with a little bit of epson salt poured into it. This has been known to help relieve breast tenderness. You can also try going to bed with a bra on if you want to control breast movement while lying in bed.

Understand that breast tenderness before period is completely normal and should be expected at times.

Breast tenderness will occur the most if you are expecting. It is the most common sign that you may be pregnant.

Make sure to try some of the methods I mentioned to deal with tender breasts. These are meant to offer you comfort until the initial breast tenderness causes goes away or subsides.

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