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Breast Enlargement Hypnosis – Does It Really Work?

So you’re sitting around wondering about which breast enlargement treatment you want for Christmas. Some people say that sitting there, you already have everything you need! So is there something to this? Can you change your body with your mind? Specifically, can you enlarge your breasts with your mind? We’ll explore the cheapest breast enhancement surgery that you’ll ever see!

Breast Enlargement Hypnosis – The Act of Increasing your Breast Size through Hypnotic Thought

Breast Enlargement HypnosisGive a Google search to breast enlargement techniques and you’ll find a long list of techniques, tapes, and videos that claim that they will help you to increase your breast size only with your mind. So is there anything to this? After all, the mind clearly does control the body to a certain extent. Think of yourself in an embarrassing situation – you blushed didn’t you? This is your mind dictating a physical change in your body. You are literally temporarily changing the tent of your skin with only your mind.

Blushing isn’t the only time that we can change our body. If we think very hard, we can actually burn more calories – granted this isn’t the drastic change that exercising can bring, but it’s still a start – and it’s only with our mind. If we think about a stressful event, we increase our cortisol levels, which affects our body chemistry, often resulting in physical changes. How about when we are in an aroused state, isn’t it easy to get in this state just through a visual image? This is another change that can cause a temporary, but never the less – a change in our physical state.

The Process of Breast Enlargement Hypnosis

Essentially, the process of breast enlargement hypnosis can be broken up into a few basic steps. We’ll break them down for you.

  • Learn – Obviously there are a few things that you must learn, or that the experts in this industry say you must believe in, at the very least, prior to being able to actually accomplish this feat. The focus is normally on the understanding that there is a strong connection between mind and body.
  • Trance – You must then learn to how to basically put yourself into a trance. Within this trance, you are supposed to realize that you can connect the growth of cells (in this case, within your breasts) and your mind.
  • Imagery – You must learn to use imagery within your mind and focus your breasts cells. With continuous effort, supposedly your breasts will grow.

There is one undeniable fact – that there are numerous women that swear that this process works. Okay, so it’s a miracle cure. Then why is this type of thing not common knowledge? Why would women not accidently or purposely be growing their breasts on a continuous basis – especially considering that we live in a world filled with billions of people.

Perhaps it is possible; maybe it is just a learned task, like learning a rare sport! Consider that an experiment supposedly done by a company that sells tapes for helping to teach you breast enlargement techniques was done, featuring experimenters that they were able then to able to grow their breasts (apparently fairly instantaneous) at least by 1.5” on average. With results like this, it would seem that these tapes would be flying off the shelf.

What’s the problem then? It still holds true that every month a woman’s menstrual cycle can cause her breast size to change by up to 1.5”. On top of this, a woman’s breast size can change by 1.5” at any given time given the right level of arousal. So verdict on the experiment – since cells don’t accumulate at those rates, the enhancement was only temporary due to an increase in blood flow. If they wanted to keep their newly found breasts, let’s hope that they stayed in a constantly aroused state!

The Verdict

Overall, each of these programs and the overall theory focuses on the fact that success comes to those that truly believe. Although there is clearly something to changing our cells slightly more or slightly less, this change would be so microscopic that chances are, it would be impossible to ever change your body to a noticeable rate (cells within our body are constantly changing on a microscopic level).

What does hold true:

  • Breast size changes with weight change.
  • Breast size temporarily changes with menstrual cycles.
  • Breast size temporarily changes with arousal states.

So what about the women that swear by the effectiveness of breast enlargement hypnosis? How can they swear by it if it doesn’t work? The trick is most likely in the psychology – if the mind wants to see something bad enough, often times the mind can trick itself into seeing this. Now this isn’t a bad thing – after all, if you think you can see something, then to you, it’s as good as being real. It doesn’t really matter what others think at that point. So if you’re in that small group of people that can convince themselves of breast enhancement (whether it’s in reality or not), then you’re in luck!

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