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Breast Enhancement Exercises

In addition to massages, pills and creams that women can use to enlarge their breasts and make them fuller and firmer overall, there are also breast enhancement exercises that can be done. As a rule, breast enhance exercise do not affect the breast tissues themselves. However, the right breast enhancement exercises can help firm and strengthen the pectoral and other supporting muscles of the chest. Strengthening these muscles in turn make breasts firmer and perkier in appearance. We have compiled some of the best exercises around to help you boost your bust.

Breast Enhancement Exercises That Work

While some breast enhancement exercises are more effective than others, none of them will work unless they are done consistently. These exercises should be practiced as instructed and done on a daily basis. Best of all, these exercises do not require any special equipment.

– Isometric Pectoral Exercises

Isometric exercises are a good way isolate and firm the muscles of the chest. To start, face a wall, standing with your back straight. From this position, extend your arms, pressing your hands against the wall as hard as possible. Hold this position for at least 10 seconds before releasing. Relax, and then repeat the movement for a total of ten repetitions to make one set. Try and work your way up to two sets.

The second isometric exercise also works by contracting the pectoral muscles. This can be done anywhere, and even from a seated position. Join your hands in front of your chest — tip to tip as if you were praying or meditation — pressing them hard against each other. Hold this contraction for about five seconds, before relaxing. Repeat the movement for up to ten times to complete one set.

– The Breaststroke

Stand with your back against a wall and move your hands in a motion similar to that of the breaststroke. That is, your hands should be moving up and out, parallel against the wall. This should be repeated up to 100 times.

– Chest Stretches

After completing your chest exercises, it is important to stretch the muscles to keep them flexible. To do this, simply place your hands on hips (bending at the elbows). From this position, try to get your elbows to touch at the back. This should be repeated up to 10 times.

– Posture Is Everything

Improving your posture is one of the most immediate ways to improve the appearance and lift of your breasts. The shoulders should be lifted back and the back straight if you wish to practice great posture and have a great looking chest instantly. Slouching is an absolute no no.

Other great breast enhancement exercises include push-ups, chest flys and chest presses. These can be done assisted with or without weights or gym machines. You can opt to add these to the exercises outlined above. Either way, the exercises above are sufficient to stand alone. Be diligent in your practice and you should see results in no time. Of course, adding breast enhancement creams, pills and massages can help to further maximize your results.

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