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Breast Cyst Symptoms

A breast cyst is a recurring problem for many women. There are very few women who will not experience a breast cyst at some point in their life. When you have breast cyst symptoms it can become quite uncomfortable and sometimes it can be harmful. In order for you to know with certainty that you have this problem I’m going to run down some breast cyst symptoms you can look out for.

Breast cyst symptoms to check yourself for!

One of the first symptoms you should look out for would be a movable round lump in your breasts. You can conduct this test by simply feeling tenderly on your breasts. The lump will usually be formed in the shape of an oval, but they can also be round. In any case it is going to be easily movable.

If you have a lump that feels soft and squishy it is likely filled with fluid. Breast cysts can also hurt, so once you have discovered a lump you may feel a bit of pain. The area around the lump will feel tenderer than other areas of the breasts. If you are nearing your menstrual cycle the breast lump may actually increase in size.

Some breast cyst symptoms will also include a lump that decreases in size right after your menstrual cycle. Tenderness around your breasts should also decrease. Don’t be concerned if you discover a cyst, it doesn’t mean you have breast cancer. Breast cysts are completely normal and to be expected.

How can breast cysts be prevented?

breast cyst symptomsBesides from checking for breast cysts, you may want to know how you can prevent them from happening altogether. Currently there is no known way to completely eliminate occurrences of breast cysts and to identify the symptoms. However, you can help your cause by decreasing your intake of salt. Decreased salt intake usually helps to minimize occurrences of breast cysts.

Just beware that there is currently no evidence to confirm this with certainty. Currently the only way to treat a breast cyst is to drain the fluid from them. After this has occurred the lump should usually go away shortly thereafter. In many cases medication will not even be required to treat the condition.

Sometimes you may not have any symptoms, but you may actually have a cyst. This is why it is advised you perform the same type of check on yourself that women are encouraged to do when checking for potential cancerous growths.

You can also get regular mammograms in order to ensure what you expect to be a breast cyst isn’t actually something else. If it does turn out to be something more serious, such as cancer, catching it early is the best way to deal with it.

If you let it go ignored it is going to be far harder to treat. Make sure you watch out for the breast cyst symptoms I mentioned and consult with a doctor right away just for assurance.

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