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3 Reasons Women Love Boobs

Maxim is a popular magazine for men, and recently they featured an article about breasts, big surprise right? The article was a rather revealing look at the subject of big breasts. A beautiful woman with large breasts inserted a small camera in her cleavage and the hit the busy streets of New York City to ask guys some silly questions.

The camera revealed that people simply could not take their eyes off here breasts. While you might think that the majority of looks were done by men, you would be surprised to find out that just as many women where guilty of looking at her big breasts.

Boobs don’t have to be gigantic in order to grab attention, perky full breasts were just as effective as grabbing attention. That is why breast enlargement surgery is a billion dollar a year industry.

3 Signs You’re In Love With Your Breasts

  1. The average number of bras that a woman buys each year is four. If you are getting more than four each year, you are really obsessed with your breasts.
  2. If you wear a padded bra just to make your breasts look bigger, you are putting a lot of focus on your boobs. The average water bra adds a pound of weight that you are dragging around each day. All that added strain to your back, just to give the appearance of bigger boobs?
  3. Considering breast enhancement surgery means you really are obsessed with your breast size. Getting surgery is not cheap, so if you are seriously considering this option you are really committed to looking better.

The question you have to ask yourself is, Why are you focused on this one particular body part? Culture has shown that both men and women simply can not help but be drawn to the larger boobs. If you ask men, you might be surprised to find out that only 25% really want bigger boobs, while the remaining 75% are perfectly happy with a rounder, perkier breast size. Here are a few reasons why women are in love with larger boobs!

The Feeling of Comfort
As a newborn baby, you are offered the breast for food, forever instilling feelings of comfort and security in your nervous system. When you are pregnant, or when you are breast feeding, the breasts are at their largest. This programs the brain to simply associate larger boobs with a comforting lifestyle.

Getting Needed Attention
Women just love attention! That is why they spend so much time in the bathroom getting ready each day. Larger breasts just give that impression that you can get guys to pay more attention to you, and whether it is good or bad, you simply crave the attention in any format.

Perceiving Wealth
In this world that is so focused on material possessions, the larger the breasts, the more a person appears wealthy. This is not reality however, because even poor women are scraping together every dollar they can find to have their breasts enlarged. But these women simply see larger breasts as a sign of luxury, regardless how painful or costly it may be.

The obsession with breast size does not appear to be going away any time soon. If you are considering changing your breast size, but are fearful of surgery or the long-term health risks, consider a safer alternative to improving the size of your breasts.

Breast Actives is a breast enhancement product that is safe and effective at improving your breasts, giving you that perky and full look you desire.

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